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Star Gates and the Great Work

Grumpy Grapes

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I believe that secret science gave us space travel well before the official version of events, just as European colonists reached the Americas well before the official discovery in the 15th century.

If we are going to colonise other worlds, the Ruling elite will want to get there first.

There will always be a delay between a private scientific discovery and it going public, regardless of motive. Conspiracy theorists, sci-fi writers and unorthodox scientists have suggested/hinted that advanced technology already exists, or at least will soon exist. I think that the alien/UFO phenomenon was a cover for top secret research into travel and genetics, as well as preparation for mankind’s contact with the depths of the human mind and its link to ‘universal intelligence’.

The first novel to describe a rocket-powered flight into outer space was, according to sci-fi writer ARTHUR C. CLARKE, by the 17th century writer CYRANO DE BERGERAC, in his “A Comical History of the States and Empires of the Moon”. Bergerac descended from French nobility who worked for the King. Bergerac studied philosophy under Pierre Gassendi, a Roman Catholic priest, philosopher, astronomer and mathematician.

The sci-fi novels of 19th century writer Jules Verne inspired one of the fathers of modern space travel: KONSTANTIN TSIOLKOVSKY(1857-1935), a Russian rocket scientist who believed that our colonisation of the galaxy would lead to the perfection of the human race; immortality and a carefree existence. He said that we humans are mere puppets/actors in the hands of an underlying universal intelligence. However, he also advocated a materialist, soulless, view of the universe, and wrote that ‘free will’ is an illusion. He supported eugenics.

Sounds familiar? The United Nations is becoming the embodiment of those views. The UN-approved ‘God’ is not a ‘Western’, conscious type of God, rather it is an inanimate, holographic, ‘Eastern’ God that pervades the whole universe, similar to the ‘Force’ in “Star Wars”.

New Age writer Ken Carey channeled similar views in his series of books (e.g. “The Starseed Transmissions”), which say that we humans- following our intuition- will travel to other galaxies and become the guidance system of a super-organism controlled by ‘God’/the Creator. I believe this is all part of the Ruling Elite’s Great Work.

The United Nations and other ruling elite organisations want us to be directed by ‘Universal Intelligence’ because- IMO- this supposed ‘God’ is not the true source of everything (the true ‘god’, so to speak), rather the counterfeit ‘God’ (‘the Rebel’) who wants to break free from the real ‘God'(karma/truth/cause-and-effect). The Rebel ( and the human ruling elite) want us to believe that we have no free will, so should mindlessly follow our supposedly ‘divine’ intuition/instincts. Those instincts are derived from that false universal intelligence.

One must distinguish between the animated consciousness of us humans, and the inanimate, unconscious, Eastern ‘God’ that binds conscious minds together. One must distinguish between the conscious observer and the inanimate mirror that reflects the observer.

I’m convinced that the ‘Great Work’ (to escape from Karma) is to be completed away from our planet and solar system, so what exactly are the Ruling Elite looking for in another galaxy far, far away? Some sort of cosmic ‘Well of Immortality’? A special star? A black hole? A ‘stargate’ to another dimension? A new type of energy? An energetic null zone? Whatever it is, it’s unlikely to be here on Earth, otherwise the Ruling Elite wouldn’t be so keen for space exploration. 

Relevant sci-fi movies are: – 

“2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968). 

“The Black Hole” (1979) – produced by Walt Disney Productions. 

“Stargate” (1994) – co-written by the German film director ROLAND EMMERICH and his longstanding writing/producing partner DEAN DEVLIN. The duo also co-wrote the alien invasion movie “Independence Day”.  

Emmerich wrote/produced/directed the climate change sci-fi disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow”, based on the 1999 book “The Coming Global Superstorm” by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. 

Emmerich wrote and directed “The Noah’s Ark Principle”, a sci-fi film about an orbiting space station capable of controlling the weather. 

Dean Devlin co-wrote the sci-fi movie “Universal Soldier” (directed by Emmerich), about an amnesiac soldier who had died but was revived after cryogenic freezing, then transformed into a super soldier. 

You can read the above in articles in the Space Colonisation section of my website https://thegreatworkdecoded.com

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First and Last Men by Olaf Stapledon imagines things over a much longer time scale as humans evolve into other species/sub species.


It's juxtaposition to the homocentric worldview of the 20th century was certainly thought provoking to the next generation of science fiction writers.

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On 2/25/2021 at 9:41 PM, serpentine said:

First and Last Men by Olaf Stapledon imagines things over a much longer time scale as humans evolve into other species/sub species.


It's juxtaposition to the homocentric worldview of the 20th century was certainly thought provoking to the next generation of science fiction writers.

What do you thik about the film "Battlefield: Earth"? Is it about our future?

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5 hours ago, DaleP said:

Stargate exists. There is a footage of ship..... Don't want to post it here though because it will probably get deleted just as the video on the phones were deleted.... wow

so post it so people can download it then when it gets deleted people will have a copy

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