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Tales of the uninfected. Share personal experiences linked to COVID 19

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Right I waited a short while after suggesting/asking if this kind of thing existed already in the mega thread. If you'd like to share your experiences struggling with this nonsense in any way,


Go ahead. Mental health is dwindling outside of the 'chosen ones' - that's you and me.. lol


Relationships are falling apart and as I said in the megathread, talking won't fix it. But it might just dull the sharpness.


I have had a very rough time lately and I know I'm not the only one visiting here.


If you want to share here's a place you can if not, cool


We are connected. Just venting sometimes helps. And there might be more good than that, that could come of conversing.






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Maybe. But I guess you got over it.


I once necked a bottle of pepsi max too quick in front of the washing machine.


The carbonation rose up my oesophagus preventing breathing. I sucked in as hard as I could, no air. "No air for you" I thought. Then, things started to fade out. I was on my knees in front the washer thinking


"shit. Is this it? Am I gonna die of Pepsi? What a hilarious way to go. What will they put this down to when the neighbours complain about the stench and I'm finally found, I bet it won't be Pepsi"


Calm as a cucumber I tell ya. The mind speeds up in life and death situations.


That was before covid was a thing. So anyway, I beat you on two counts. hiccoughs, ha. And coca cola?? Pffff





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Amusing fact no.1. : Pepsi has been more dangerous than COVID to me personally


Amusing fact no.2 : my mothers vaccination card has the number 666 in it. .  I don't feel it's right to share the pic so believe me or not. But she can still walk, bonus.


AstraZenica. Stepdad had the Pfizer and wished he had the Zenica because he had shares in them 😄 True story



Well both still alive for now, count our blessings

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There is a radio ad that they are still putting out (I paraphrase):


When the electrician or the carer come to your house do you open all the windows to blow Covid particles away and stop the spread?

They were also running that ad during the well-below-freezing temperatures a couple of weeks ago.


Completely bloody stupid.
Of course no mention of air currents, wind directions, through-draughts (to where? A little corner of the dining room where all the Covid particles are having a mass convention) who's standing where in said air currents, occupants' hypothermia thresholds, or granny sitting in the far corner sucking up all the lovely germs blowing her way, while shouting "Shut that sodding door! Were you born in a freaking barn?"


Who dreams this stuff up?

I admit I have had nefarious fun with many announcements and radio ads since early March last year. They have entertained my mostly locked-down imagination and prevented insanity.

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I'm no oil painting, I hated my looks as a kid but thank the invisible apathetic christ I didn't look like him. There's nothing to attribute that look to. Just some kind of human... fuckup. He's alright from the neck down, to put the best positive spin I can on things.



Yeah, right. Stay isolated so you can't learn from others what a false pandemic this is nor recognise how staff are ordered to effectively murder patients, with threat of dismissal for non compliance. You can't visit the ill or vulnerable because... hellvirus. Be petrified.  They have to die alone. And sorry, but you can't even pay your respects at the funeral either. Large gatherings are a threat to the paper thin house of cards we've set up for the idiots. Of which you are one. Fear cops, fear fines.





Look out for people trying to keep fit, avoid them, fear them, they don't understand the dogma. They are selfish scum. Stay home and rot like a good citizen.



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People out exercising are "highly likely to have coronavirus" ??


I believe I had it. What I got was sudden, dramatic, nothing like any flu I ever had in  my life, knocked me to my knees, but was quickly gone. I'm no youngster, and not exactly an ad for a perfect lifestyle too. It's nasty but not worth the fear mongering. I have had flu worse than that in the past.


But....one thing I could not do was go happily jogging around. Stairs were enough, and transplanting a few seedlings. Felt like I'd gone up Everest without any O2.....for about a week or 10 days. It took me 2 weeks to do two laps of the back field (2 acres)


The only ones you'd see exercising with it are dog walkers. Because you have to. Dogs don't "get" house arrest.

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