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“Brand-new Age of Dinosaurs Legal Tender” - Reptilian Currency


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I reckon someone here will be interested in this...

It’s recently appeared in my newsfeed, of course following certain research 🤔


You can now buy legal tender with the Queen on one side and a Dinosaur on the other...

Must be someone’s idea of taking this piss in more way than one, what do you think? 🦖 


Start collecting our brand-new Age of Dinosaurs Legal Tender Coin Collection today, featuring 12 of the most iconic dinosaurs that once roamed our planet! Every coin is silver plated and in full colour. Plus, £99 worth of free gifts along the way! 

Visit our website to find out more.




I dunno about you but i think I’ll pass.

I’d rather not have a New Age of Dinosaurs as they’ve had far too much of an impact dominating the Old Age!

But, this has a certain research value to it I’m sure.

Maybe it just pops up on everyone’s social media to take the piss after they’ve been researching along certain lines... 


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This can help explain the reptilian narrative.
Such as the negative energy associated, drawn, by those practicing and carrying out certain ritual action, mimicking a certain procedure drawing up of energies which seems to draw up reptilian form that is intensely fearful and menacing, which seems to generate or give off a certain form of incitement to sheer terror, that makes you - as an observer of this in someone else - at least for some time, forget you’ve had this exact experience and the detail, it can be blanked out but if you remember anything from it, it will be the unparalleled sense of fear which seems to block out anything else and so you lose control, you lose the memory which instead becomes occupied by this fear used as a weapon, against their own mind of the observer, as if this can be trigger and cultivated.

The idea of meditation being employed is that such a state of fear can’t be triggered to turn the mind against itself, allowing the appearance of the negative, the external to have dominion over the mind, fear can’t be incited as a weapon of which you’re no longer in control over like someone may flip a switch. 
They’re using humans as doorways and taking hold, form over the humans energetic grid or body.
They’ve granted permission for “demonic” lower realm forces to occupy their “soul” or “spirit” by a trade off in energy that has been made by replicating certain ritual procedure of varying degrees, creating and drawing energy via various amounts of suffering, pain, negativity in someone else, such as sacrifice, that opens up these doorways in the individual performing them, where at leased until death, the human nature appears to still be in control and gaining a sense of power and greed but humans are essentially being consumed and experimented upon to create a better doorway and vehicle for these other dimensional beings to take hold but still remain hidden behind the mask of human and fears more than anything being found out, being identified for what they’re behind their mask, their facade. As one of these many inverted jokes played upon society, it may indeed be why so many people are made to play the game of role play with absolutely no sincerity in order to simply survive from behind a mask as an all too common norm within society. So this evil can more easily fit in, without being seen as the facade, the front and mask that it is, it needs to survive. Humans can give up the system of control it has been deceived into as reality anytime they want if they just see it.

The positive must also be true but I’m sure this is more relatable via the negative, even if people don’t necessarily agree or understand, they’ll know something of this sort is taking place and may have alternative views, if for a moment it’s been openly considered as a possibility to be thought about and studied without simple dismissal.

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You have reminded me of an experience i had when i was 10.  So in 1976 i lived on a farm in Wales about 3 miles from a village  Goytre. When visiting friends we were offered some Tortoises  (ive always thought of them as mini dinosaurs)  they were found upside down all layed out in a field next to the village so of course village kids gathered them up.  The company ICI was about a half mile down the road so everyone kind of knew thats who had done this.  About roughly a few days later men in suits were knocking at doors looking for these Tortoises. My friends lied and didn't give them up. Ours died within a week.  I still wonder why a medical company would be experimenting with Tortoise.

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