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Child abuse and trafficking, general thread/


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Back in 2020 at the height of the Ghislane Maxwell trial, Hunger Games producer John Paul Rice went on the record in a short video exposing the fact that Hollywood is infested with elite psychopathic pedophiles.

See more: https://www.howardnema.com/2022/06/25/hunger-games-producer-exposes-pedophilia-and-child-sacrifice-in-hollywood/ 


As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, John Paul Rice is among a growing list of insiders exposing the dark side of Hollywood pedophilia, sex trafficking, Satanism and the ritual sacrifice of children. In a nine-minute video scrubbed from YouTube and most other video platforms, Rice details the evil Satanic underbelly of the Hollywood elite pedophiles, child sacrifice and calls for unity to stop this evil cycle of violent exploitation, torture and murder of children.




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Aqua man Jason Momoa caught here on film possibly getting unnecessary with his own daughters?
Who knows, or was it just affection as some of the twatter users have mentioned, apparently there is a longer version of this clip showing the children laughing and joking with him, and he is apparently a good dad.  I've watched this a few times and I'm not sure?




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For those looking to get insight into the area of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), the presentations of Jay Parker at the 'Free Your Mind Conference' are a must see.


Jay Parker - 1st Free Your Mind Conference



Jay Parker - Free Your Mind 3 Conference



"this [image] is from a show called 'Andromeda' starting Kevin Sorbo. In the second year of the UPN Series Andromeda, Kevin Sorbo encountered a race of being called the 'Magog'. The Magog are a race of primative beings that are so ignorant all they do is destroy everything in their path - plantets, people. They destroy everything. All they are is wreckers. They worship an entity called 'The Spirt of the Abyss'.



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Hmmm....wonder who this is

"Floodgates will open"

So much for justice here and now.


Investigator who revealed Jimmy Savile's sick crimes says he is working with police on child sex case against 'very significant' person who is 'untouchable' and may only be named when he dies

  • Mark Williams-Thomas exposed Savile's crimes in a 2012 ITV documentary
  • The award-winning film prompted 100s of other victims to come forward 
  • Now, he is working on exposing on another high profile 'significant' sex offender
  • 'He will die and the floodgates will open in the same way they did with Savile'


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Sorry if already been on, this is apparently a recording by Mia Farrow to Woody about him raping their daughter.
Some say that the famous actress was trying to incriminate Woody by recording this call herself but woody doesn't make any audible confession - very chilling and very possibly true?  Woody was a hollywood darling wasn't he....


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On 10/1/2022 at 8:14 PM, northern star said:

'very significant' person

If anyone has seen any of the Jon Wedger interviews, he tends to suggest that he is aware of some inside information on this subject. I really like Jon Wedger and fund him genuine (altgough others may not), he has also previously interview Jeanette Archer. 



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FBI chief was found dead after exposing sickening truth about the elite

 FBI Directors in recent times have been establishment figures who go to great lengths to protect the elite and suppress the truth. Think about James Comey, who twisted himself in knots to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution, and Robert Mueller and his “Russian collusion” witch hunt.


So it probably comes as a great surprise to learn that FBI chiefs weren’t always Deep State goons.

What if I told you there was an FBI chief who, before his death in 2011, blew the whistle on Satanism in the CIA, the Illuminati, elite pedophile rings, and more, and who took his message directly to the people – before he was cruelly cut down before his time?

Meet Ted Gunderson, Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI.

In December 1951, Gunderson joined the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover. He served in the Mobile, Knoxville, New York City, and Albuquerque offices. He was a young and respected agent. In 1973, he became the head of the Memphis FBI office, and in 1975 became head of the Dallas FBI office.

In 1977, Gunderson was appointed head of the Los Angeles FBI. In short, Gunderson had been around the block. And in 1979, he was one of a select handful interviewed for the job of FBI director, which ultimately went to William H. Webster.

After his decorated career with the bureau, Gunderson retired and began giving presentations across the country, speaking directly to the people. This is when things became really interesting.

These mindblowing presentations introduced thousands of people to the reality of what was going on behind the scenes in the corridors of power. The former FBI chief is responsible for opening thousands of minds, educating ordinary people about false flag terrorism, satanic ritual abuse, MK Ultra mind control and chemtrails.



Unsurprisingly, Gunderson died suddenly and unexpectedly not long after he began blowing the whistle on the darkest secrets of the elite. There are many people close to Gunderson who say he was killed by the elite to shut him up.

Gunderson is best known not for only for exposing these evils and educating the public, but for risking his life to personally help and protect many victims.

He worked tirelessly to expose the sexual and satanic ritual abuse of children by the global elite, and suffered the same fate as many other notable figures working for the same ends in recent times.

Isaac KappyChris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Avicii and Anthony Bourdain were all high-profile figures who vowed to expose powerful entertainment industry pedophile rings. They all suffered the same fate as Gunderson, cut down before their time.

More recently Anne Heche, who was working on a film exposing Hollywood child trafficking, was killed in a bizarre car accident that has left investigators baffled. Likewise, Coolio, who passed away just last week, had recently gone on record declaring that pedophiles control the entertainment industry, and he considered it his duty to kill them.

Weeks later Coolio was the one who was found dead.

Gunderson is the OG of elite pedophile ring whistleblowers. He was instrumental in exposing the Franklin Cover-Up, involving government drug smuggling, money laundering, child kidnapping and recruiting young boys from orphanages in the Midwest for sex with U.S. Congressmen.

Gunderson asked his presentation audience members to copy his research and distribute it to as many people as possible. Education the masses was his plan for defeating global fascist tyranny.

It is in this spirit that we seek to spread the word of his work.

To help us educate the masses, please share our videos far and wide, comment and subscribe.

As Jefferson said, all tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Watch: http://www.hideoutnow.com/2022/10/fbi-chief-was-found-dead-after-exposing.html


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1 hour ago, Indigo said:

Many people who speak out about it end up dying. Luckily I do not know about intelligence/Government led paedophile rings, although one would assume that an elite paedophile and human trafficking ring would include them?

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Ally: All of Us - Segment 2 part 1





We have been fighting hard to get this information out to y'all. While many of you sit back to view this, most won't understand the price of truth.


In this first half we barely scratched the surface of 5 different topics.


Freemason police, CPS corruption, a snippet of Allys childhood stuff, a snippet of MK ultra, and corruption in the mental hospitals.


We have given up on doing interviews as there is far too much information to try and compress in 20 minutes, and most doing the interviews were not as interested in the truth as they were in the clickbait topics and views.


The second half of this segment will contain more on the MK ultra and how it looks, Ally’s alters, trafficking to the Islands, her connection to the elite bloodlines, etc..


It has taken 5 videographers, 4 editors, a make-up artist, a ton of 90s Angel's, Ally and many of the alters putting the information in a cohesive and logical order, 11 states, 2 studios, 6 “on location” sites, thousands of miles traveled, sleepless nights, tons of stress and meltdowns, tons of prayer, dodging gangstalking, dodging threats, backlash to us, backlash and spiritual warfare to the editors and videographers, all while everyone is working together from different states, no one is charging a single dime, and everyone is coming together to fight crimes against humanity in the only way they know how.


Part 2 to segment 2 coming soon.


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On 6/23/2021 at 6:26 AM, Frankieboy said:

Even Del boy new about Jimmy Saville


Just taking the opportunity to say that I haven't felt the same about David Jason since he promoted social distancing, using Trigger's broom as a measurement of 6 ft. I thought you traitor. You sick f**k. 'His' programme united people and gave us shared memories, warmth and laughter, but of course Sir David is just another 'good' actor. I won't forget what he did. 

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1 hour ago, Indigo said:

They are tied to Rachel Chandler, she was a procurer of children for Epstein et al. Edit: just saw it was mentioned, oops.


On 11/28/2022 at 4:11 PM, sickofallthebollocks said:


So was Paul Pelosis death from a hammer attack. 

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Ally: All Of Us - Segment 2 Part 2







"You do not live in the world you think you do!

The sooner we collectively grasp that concept...the sooner we can rise up, stand in our humanity and fight for the 'least of these'.

Our time is running out, and the torch will soon be passed to each and every one of you.

The responsibility of each and every child still bound in slavery will rest squarely on your shoulders.

Will you rise up?

Or will you cower and ignore the mandate?
Today is the day YOU come to terms with who you are as a human being.

Crimes against humanity are being committed in each and every country, city, and state.
No one is coming to stop it. No one is coming to right the wrongs.

It has to be you!!!

Those who choose to stand will be called the heroes among us.
Those who choose to look away will forever be branded as the scourge.

Please pick up your sword, plant your feet, and fight against this evil.

Godspeed warriors".
In this one Ally shows some of her alters...
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