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A friend of mine is obviously on the watch list ,and probably myself through default.

He has been writing to politicians and various government departments for years telling them what a bunch of useless arseholes they are and where they have gone wrong

When the government was giving him a hard time over his pension a couple of years back he walked into the office with the constitution under his arm  ,pointed out the relevant info and said I will see you in the human rights commission, since I'm the one making the complaint it won't cost me a cent. A week later he got a letter saying his pension would be reinstated  and he hasn't heard from them since,

For quite a few years now when he rings me more often than not within 30 seconds there is an audible click on the line  he would say ,the boys are listening we would then have a chuckle say hi to them and then just continue on talking as if the weren't there.

Last week he rang me up ,and said remember when you told me about FEMA camps about 10 years back , well the QLD government is going to build some  that will be privately run. My reply was, that wouldn't surprise me . Then we got on to the covid scam and how blind Freddie could see it was bullshit, so we talked about that for about ten minuets and finally got onto the Victorian Premier , who the media love but the people despise. My mate calls him chairman DAN, anyway as soon as he said Chairman Dan ,that fucking traitor selling Victoria to the bloody Chinese ,it wont be long before there is a social credit score system  in that fucking state,  what appeared to be a high pitched female voice came on the line but it was like it was encrypted or the phones were being jammed as you couldn't understand anything . I listened to it for about 15 seconds and hung up , my mate rang me back in a minuet or so  I answered and he said what happened, I said did you hear that on your end as well ,and he said yes we both had a bit of a chuckle and I said you have obviously pissed someone off, his reply was fuckem, anyway we chatted for another 5 or so min without incident.

I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else as  I thought the voice was Chinese ,however it seemed like it was encrypted so you couldn't be sure, if it was Chinese an not encrypted that would be a little to obvious, and knowing my mate he would be worrying the shit out of the communications minister as we speak


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They probably have automated monitoring of the phone lines for keywords along with watch lists for more continuous monitoring.


Being compartmentalized the departments doing the monitoring would be kept separate from those analyzing any intelligence gathered.


My own phone use is absolutely minimal but last year I received two 'wrong number' landline calls from a number that originated from a senior member of a fringe political party and this in itself would be used to justify the continued monitoring of my number despite the mind numbing content  (to any listener) of my occasional calls to family. :classic_smile:










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Back in the day you could ring a two digit number if you knew it and put the receiver down and if it rang you knew your phone was tapped and it was local authorities doing it . Now it is done automatically from Melbourne Victoria ,if that hasn't changed in the last 25 or so years , I was having trouble with my phone around that time  and thought I was getting crossed lines because regularly I could hear office machines and talking when I was speaking to people, so much so I put in an official complaint to telstra . The upshot of the investigation was there was nothing wrong.

Then a couple of months later I went to visit an old mate ( not the one in the first story) and casually brought this up in conversation , he stopped and said exactly the same thing was happening to his phone and his eldest sons, we looked at each other and the penny dropped ,our phones were being tapped  and this was later confirmed by a cop another mate  knew .

Now the pricks listen all the time, that's why my phone generally lives on top the fridge and rarely sees the light of day.If I have something to say I prefer to do it face to face so you are able to read people and see if what they are saying matches their body language

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