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I found out what the Illuminati is up to. All of it. Honest.

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Hi, it's been a while since I posted on here, I been cooked. 

So bold statement right there. 

To cut an horrendously long & traumatic story short which spans years of hard diligent research & vision, I found that The Illuminati which was governed by now defunct The One And The Nine (now know as The Occult), had actually stolen the keys of all life from The Stars & they were using this to control everything. 

I cracked their Pyramid Conscious Code which is multi coded so I know their numerology & Im going to start revealing it on here. Anyone who's got the grip of numerology will understand it pretty quickly because it is based on rudimentary Pi, you only need secondary school maths to get it. In advanced maths, there's been this obsession of squaring the circle, how to do it in as little steps as possible. This is the objective of The Occult, to square physically the Hydrogen Atom which is all over Freemasonary & I know exactly how it's been done. 

The Illuminati & The One And The Nine were governing us from two realms above this one known as Heaven & was sending us down using their in built Chakra System that is built into our DNA. It hasn't worked. The top and bottom of this is that we all come from The Stars and are connected to The Earth by Leylines which have been destroyed by The Occult. The Leylines hold serious power as they contain our channelled in matter planetary heartbeat & unity consciousness which is what they had hold of. They are made from both the Hydrogen Atom System & the Helium Line System & contains the rest of the atomic system within which is what you are made of. That's why the Leyline Systems don't get any consideration because The Occult have deliberately side shifted this outside human perception. 

Also what they've done is to make people believe that we are made out of just energy & that we are spiritual beings having a human existence. It's wrong. If we are only energy we will dissipate into nothing. Our bodies are intrinsically built into our souls which heavily damaged DNA is ripping apart our souls. We all have auric fields attached to the Leyline System which are matter based & channel out toxins & unwanted material out of the human, animal & plant body systems. It also channels the heartbeat into our bodies & is unknown by all & medical science because auric fields & multiple body levels have been kept irrelevant by The Occult for their use only. 


Now David Icke stated that the atoms are hollow, so he has astral vision which I have as well. What he missed was that the dimensions or realms are set at atomic level & the vast majority can't see past them & the chemical element Tin has been used to flow mirrors over illegally set dimensions by The Occult which people can't see past & makes things invisible to the naked or 'Blinded' eyes which is everyone's. Science has picked this up in dark energy & dark matter though refuse to even consider anything I've mentioned above which they've been walked as well. 

This is the gist of the matter based, programmable mind control machine, which is based on living matter growth. They were controlling everyone's minds through the system I've just briefly stated.


The Positive. They've been squashed which is why I can speak now. They could systematically slaughter people using Astral Attack. Not anymore.....🥳



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17 minutes ago, Clarissa said:

Hi, it's been a while since I posted on here, I been cooked. 

So bold statement right there. 

Welcome back..


18 minutes ago, Clarissa said:

They could systematically slaughter people using Astral Attack. Not anymore....

This is good news..

(Nature of Reality)
BC  :O)

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So if anyone is familiar with the facade of the Akashic Records, this is where it's at in regards to all subliminal programming of the human consciousness & astral physical capture.

The Wiki entry 'In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records is a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the mental plane. It is believed all thoughts, words, intent etc. generates its own unique "frequency or vibration" which is stored in the Akashic Records.


I have found in the matter based Akashic records (spot the non physical lie above already), which are devised by The Occult many different astral dimensional levels.


These are the strongest levels because they are the oldest


The 3D Realm Akashic Records or this bit we live in. (Trying to break for years)

Purgatory & Hell Akashic Records where you die to & is the realm lower than this one which was full of volcanic lava. (Breaking into it for years & is rescued because they work together unlike here in the 3D)

The TV Akashic Records which is where the subliminal programming for TV, News & Movies exists & captures the 'TV & Movie Stars' in it. (Trying to break for years)

The Landline Telephone Akashic Records, it captures your voices in brown. (Only just got into it 

The Mirror Akashic Records it captures your reflection.

The Shadow Akashic Records, captures your shadow. 


These are the weakest because they are not as old


The Matrix Akashic Records (broken)

The Mobile Telephone Akashic Records (broken)


The Akashic Record System is consciously programmed by The Occult using Mind over Matter & the original baseline symbols that you know are actually hard matter especially iron, which stores & conveys sound & imagery as well as conducting electricity including into your own bodies. Is also used tho shut the entire planet down from above & was the material of choice used by The Occult to illegally flood the knackered Leyline System. 


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The baseline occult code is 11/7 & it works on the Conscious Hydrogen Atom, the source of ALL LIFE which is MASSIVE POWER & is #RudimentaryPi which means it's not perfect & has a hole in it which 👁 exploited. It has one proton orbited by one electron. 

Ok let's start with this one, the #God awful freemason symbol. Everyone knows it here, I hope 😳 Not so sure anymore judging by some of the commentary! Are you conspiracy theorists? Where are you all gone? 

Right in #PyramidOccultBaselineCode the compass is the Greek Lambda or Λ = 11, the G = 7 it's set on a square.

11/7 = 1.51742 which is inaccurately calculating the diameter of The Circle & is indicated in the freemason Circle With A Dot In It.


1.51742 is the crass aspect ratio of The Great Pyramid Of Giza (Geezer) 440x 280 cubits, original plan. The other two are correct to two decimal places. 

So the Square And Compass are the parameters of the Py-Ram-ids of Giza & the measurement of 7 the height & dimensions of the Pyramids is the actual physical squaring of the orbital circle of the Hydrogen Atom which we are all created from. 👁 give you the elusive Squaring Of The Circle.


The aspect ratio of the Triangles that make up in particular the Great Pyramid of Giza are


11/8.902 (I know because I built them in 3D Studio Max & accurately measured them) 


Round up 8.902 & you get 9 which means those triangles that form the base of this structure are 9/11! 

There's no reference to this whatsoever by anyone else on The Internet. I'm the first.










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Ok with that, in the picture of the original skyline of New York taken from The Statue of Liberty staring at it which is Occult as well, you've got the WTC 1 & 2 standing an enormous number 11 with Building 7 just to the right of the Twin Towers.


11/7 😳 


Now you can see where 9/11 coming from. It's all aspect ratio of the Pyramids of Giza which is fucking up the Hydrogen Atom. 




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The four zigzags formed on by the Pyramids of Giza = to aspect ratio 9/11 or 11/9 in correct because its deliberately using an inverted system that tracks 9/11 to November 9th in the Akashic Records as the time scheme uses DD/MM/YYYY in correct time increments. Pleiades which goes across the Northern Sky in November is a big target of The Occult because this is The Source of all creation. 

The four zigzags are a top freemason secret as one of their tokens is ☁️^^^^ or #FluffyCloudZigZag (aspect ratio 9/11);& this is the Mind Control Frequency and casting this onto a person grows a zigzag metal sawtooth wave into that person. Now it's stopped working for a while now & shit loads of freemasons in The Astral worked fucking hard to stop it because it was really really fucking unbelievable dangerous, to great peril to themselves. They don't know what it is on the surface.

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