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COVID Climate Change Virus


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As I’ve said from the start before the Icke Forum Attack, this whole COVID scenario will be used to exploit Climate Change due to less travel etc 

Look at these unexpected affects, the positives of this virus?

Get the new age community in on it chopping down Bills new meat that ain’t meat 👌

That, we should learn from this and so manage our day to day lives differently to protect the planet, one nation one family rhetoric to justify the one control system, one culture imposed after all this cancel culture.
Even though of course, it’s all BS preordained 

Well, I’ve got another angle. What if they eventually say, COVID and her “variants” are caused by extremes of climate, from the wild forrest fires to the Dark Winter?

They also use the climate change fungus to justify chopping down a load of trees for all kinds of projects, not least 5G and this is all too obvious for us keeping a close eye on this. This climate change rhetoric bs is actually a technological war on nature, by seeking scientific means of interfering upon nature, to control nature. From human beings Modification to the Environment.

That trees/plants are causing this, justify knocking them all down for 5G and we can only really get back to “normal” once climate change is under control and a foolproof plan is rolled out to combat this, thus taking globalist to the world stage it seeks.


Have you ever wondered why covid "photos" are made to look like FAT HAIRY BOLLOX? 🤔


New ‘Finnish’ Covid strain discovered may not show up in tests - and could be spreading undetected

Drivers could be fined for not washing car enough in lockdown


What absolute bullshit, are we really prepared to tolerate this and why?
Don’t ask questions of all the shit in the fuel causing more dust on cars over past few years though.
Instead, use it as an opportunity a means to fine drivers yet again, into ensuring the cover that shit is obviously being put in the fuel to begin with.
Obviously to “prevent climate change”.
Or is it just me? 🤷🏼‍♂️


This anti-human, attack upon human rights continues and no one bats an eyelid or, they actually seek to do what’s being imposed upon them without admitting it or within denial of the imposition. 
(I suppose you where going to do it anyway)🤔

If it’s being imposed by governments, globalist institutions, authorities, corporations, big business, “IT’S FREE“ and media reporting are behind imposing something on you, as a tool of all of the above, if it’s another war or a medical procedure sold as a vaccine, I can tell you, it’s no good.
I can tell you it’s propaganda and justification to get involved within something that wouldn’t be within your best interests by corporate agendas, greed and control freaks. Or, call me paranoid why don’t you 😆

What was the last thing imposed on you for free that wasn’t a flu jab while entering a doctors surgery to all the advertising, marketing and having it imposed upon you regardless of why you’re visiting the doctors?

Nope. Nothing. In fact the only other thing maybe a Phillips energy saving lightbulb, that’ was also full of mercury 🤫




The “Summer Variant”. 
This one thrives in the sun.
Spreading through all hot climates.
Can’t go abroad on holiday, introduce COVID Passport when people have had enough and just want to function as a human being again, roll out Bill Gates new book on how it’s all connected to climate change, extremes within weather conditions and how only combating climate change will get rid of the virus 😆 this will mean globalism is the solution and all nations against this model for the world are a threat to humanity and that means War!
You can’t make it up.

Well actually, they did 👌


COVID Medical Procedure 


It should also be made clear, COVID passports aren’t only for foreign nation travel but are going to be designed for domestic travel to police the vaccine procedures. Work, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Shopping etc etc if they have their way there’s no end to it, finally ending up something unique, digital hooked into the body. During war the first things to go are, the free flow of information and travel, creating an impact on food and resources, while this can be achieved to assure control over all of them and therefore society at your whim, control over society.



We the people state - rhetoric 
Allow all Emergency workers to be vaccinated within the next month at the latest





I say all those stupid enough to enforce fascism, ensuring and bullying the rules of tyrants, preying for their own demise sooner rather than later, should all be lined up against a wall and vaccinated first as a top priority, along with all of those whom demand that they themselves should be considered a priority, but without making such mandatory for all of those generalised by the illusory category you believe yourself to fall under.
You’ve all got my vote 👍

With guns, that tyranny right there is a lot more obvious, via the stealth of a needle and all the propaganda feeding into the narrative to justify it, it seems more people are less likely to notice it as fascism, perhaps ironically, because it kills them later via the needle, rather than sooner by the bullet, this is why they don’t see it or grasp this reality.
Failing to see our own state of duality means we fail to see the state of reality. So much so, we can be begging for our demise as a solution to all our problems, not seeing how such has been cultivated and crafted, that this mindset must be maintained otherwise you couldn’t do what you do, rather than questioning that mindset that has had you doing what you do up until this point in time and questioning the very nature of doing rather than saying, I simply must continue doing what I’ve always done and to make sure I can, it means I have to have (this) whatever (this) is and in this case, it’s a medical procedure, under the propaganda being sold as vaccine.

That way, instead of the having “suspected criminals” potentially harming you when you get into their personal space breaching COVID regulations you’re seeking to enforce on everyone else, this sort of tyranny is nothing new, police often are arresting “criminals” for that which they themselves are equally guilty and so, they fail to see this for what it is when it takes place time and time again systematically, or get off on it because this mentality feeds towards narcissists which dominate these systems of control, seeking authority. You can be assured, instead, you meet the definitive reality of the criminals with sinister intentions behind the needle.
They’ve become accustomed to it, as have an obedient public whom have have been brainwashed into surrendering their rights at the discretion and shallow whims of institutions seeking to exercise authority over the people for which their can be no contest, question or objection to the whims or their practitioners, the brainwashed and the enforcers of fascism!

When in reality, these people legally run office by the consent of the public.
Ruling or Policing by consent 🤔
The perception deception is even the heading and those ventures which the system controllers want will circulate like wildfire and ensure they get the outcome they desire and have engineered the target audience into desiring.
This, the call ruling via consent. It’s a blatant deception.
You don’t have my consent 👆🏻
Everyone could say this and we will see just how much of a sham it all is and now in fact, we have fascism no different to Nazi Germany or Communist China!

This is why the consent of the public is manipulated by those whom want society, to desire what those authorities desire and so, actually get a manipulated society to demanded it themselves, rather than more obviously and openly impose against the will of the population. Instead, their will is cultivated first. The only way you may see this is if vaccinations become mandatory, as enough people are awake to what’s taking place here to be against it and this is a time such propaganda simply won’t work.

This is the manufacturer/engineering of consent and its no different than marketing and advertising, of which it so happens, monopolises our capitalist society. It is simply dictatorship by another means and the public don’t have a say in the matter and maybe even so brainwashed they believe it revolutionary, like the collapse of the old economy and the foundations of the new technocracy - All Heil Zion!
So they don’t see this as fascism, as those people are manipulated in a much more subtle manner, that if they don’t question their own beliefs, opinions and ideas and believe inherently, those beliefs, opinions and ideas are of their own making and take speculation upon them personally, they won’t even challenge themselves and attack all those who do as they’re protecting a system and a big idea if only they knew it but are deceived into believing that they’re protecting themselves. This is how world wars have been fought!
This system has become confused as reality by many people.
Thus, fail to see the deception, as our minds are being molded as we believe this is of and from ourselves and our own making, not that of indoctrination of the majority whom look towards one another for vindication of the common core of their beliefs, while they’re ready to tear all those down whom oppose those central core of beliefs, that type of bullying is acceptable. Where you’re accused of being against those central core of beliefs, you’re categoriesed as a bully yourself and that type of bullying isn’t desirable and so you’re made an example of to the herd so you don’t follow likewise. Or you’re turned into someone crazy, extreme, a terrorist or criminal which justifies the bullying of establishment figureheads against all those whom oppose this monopoly and form of tyranny that in reality, very much exists. 

It’s people’s own insecurities and what do we rely upon and cling a hold of now If we examine our own beliefs and come to the conclusion of something of the sort I’m stating here is very much happening and yet in denial that their is any such insecurity at all that this is the case and so blame and attack all those encouraging you to question those beliefs and making such statements 🤔
Seems rational 👌



The perception deception of tyrants 
Do what I preach not what I do 👌

Bill is a front man for a globalist agenda. He doesn’t give a shit about Climate Change, Vegans or Virus’s.

He is fronting what he is used to front and he isn’t actually behind these ventures but he is a tool. 
Like using Bill Gates affiliated corporations to buy up farm land. That’s not Bill Gates but Bill is being used to front a globalist agenda and buy up all the farm land across the US, India and Africa.



Buying out traditional farmers which government are systematically seeking to make such unsustainable and then use Bill as the cut out to go and buy out farmers when they’re at rock bottom.
Then, they come along and spread their GMO shite everywhere until almost all food production is GMO and becomes a necessity to consume to survive for the mass population. It’s a take over, a hijack.
Just as his homes. They’re all for show to suggest this is all Bill Gates profiting from these ventures and not actually a globalist spin behind it. These massive homes of his are as I’ve suggested, are effectively showroom homes and they aren’t actually lived in. They’re to give this false perception that Bill isn’t a money machine tool for globalist interests that he is actually used for. But that he is profiting from so much he is said to be involved within and with Climate Change spin, this setup backfires and exposes the lies, until some PR spin to rectify it sees him sell off his homes in the aid of x,y,z most predominantly Climate Change.
Most of which, are orchestrated around editing the human condition with technological aids as being revolutionary and evolutionary, after a systematic and deliberately cultivated, extinction level event that it’s planned to be!

Technocracy - Transhumanism to the recuse, to fix problems we wouldn’t have, if it wasn’t for those behind this revolution and technocracy level event causing issue to actually justify the transition we otherwise wouldn’t take if it wasn’t for those cultivated problems 👌


The Truth About Bill Goat Gates


Why The Cult Agenda Is So Anti-Human - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast


Do the red letters make up an anagram or some kind?

Someone may want to check that out 👌


Bill unfortunately has had unrivalled levels of publicity for this book, especially by “conspiracy theorists” we should be charging him.

Probably aid fund some other globalist venture!



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Look at this antihuman, inhumane bullshit! 
This is the whole Transgender/Transhumanism agenda, until the idea of parenting is removed altogether, where the whole community is your mother, father, brother and sister, where the state brings up and owns children, half made in a medical lab the other half, technical lab.
It’s dehumanisation and anyone who can’t see that, please remove yourself from the friends list ASAP and save me from doing it 👌


(Picture deleted by FB - New terms in the newspaper to call mother, father, he and she is they and them based on how men can be mothers and all that Transgender Agenda narrative, it’s actually so the state can reshape them idea of family and remove parents, they become the mother and father etc)


The climate change agenda that doesn’t exit, like the big pharma agenda that doesn’t exist, like the transgender agenda that doesn’t exist, like the Transhumanism agenda that doesn’t exist...


All designed around Population Control
All designed around handing over more and more powers and influence over to the state until families don’t even exist anymore and children are bred and raised via the state due to psychological manipulation to change language via Orwellian newspeak, so not even the words mother and father can exist anymore as the norm and all we have are test tubed babies and state sanctioned birth control with a sterlisised population aka sterilised working class.


Ensuring natural births don’t continue and a virus creating mutations can be blamed and not a “vaccine” used to accomplish this task, under the pretence of a virus.




These are very SMART Intelligent people we are talking about here which as a direct result of what they’re justifying, would allow many thousands of people to die. Sounds like a good idea. This is where all that intelligence leads you.


This isn’t and wasn’t a 2018 thing, geoengineering has been going on far longer than that and being marginalised and dismissed as the stuff of cranks and paranoia. Not actually happening. Although, in the same breathe all this is uttered as acceptable, it’s never once stated that all of this has been being exposed, while being dismissed and marginalised as being “conspiracy theorist” rhetoric that just isn’t occurring, could not and would not ever occur 🤔
Why do you think that is?

Climate Change and Global Warming models on the effects and impacts of “human caused changes” within temperatures, ironically never involves the sun. They leave increases in heat and temperature changes within sun activity out of the equation and so surmise a conspiracy theory that the temperature must be changing due to human activity while ignoring the sun? 🤔

They actually have computer models as phoney as all the latest COVID computer models, that measure human caused global warming aka climate change that doesn’t account for changes in the sun. That’s no joke and these are SMART people, they don’t think the sun has anything to do with temperature increases so I know, it is easy to overlook 🙄
That would give the game away so just avoid it altogether?

Instead, wage a Warfare, like a “A War on” Crime, Drugs Terrorism etc
You wage a war on CO2, the gas of life.
This is a war waged on all life, the Organism-Environment.
It’s a war waged by a death cult, a people who worship as it sounds, death and everything they say and justify is a complete inversion that they indoctrinate cult followers into believing that’s no different than brainwashing and absolutely nothing is better for this than so called education.

While the dumping of aluminium, sulphuric acid and DNA/Human Blood sounds like like something from a horror movie, but this is just some of the stuff being dumped in the sky to reflect the rays of the sun - which again, just so happens isn’t officially included in human caused climate change models - which is all about reflecting energetic changes, energetic fields of energy away from the earth more than the idea of simply reflecting heat, but the reflection of information fields and creating a lower level, distorted electric fields here on earth by these actions, along with the low level vibration distortion of technology and the confusion of their sidereal force electric fields created by the new SMART roll outs to create the technocracy SMART Grid to keep everyone under the thumb, under control, with nature itself, it’s a war on nature for complete control.

Anyone who can’t see this from a technological/scientific point of view is fine. But, to not even being open to idea such is in fact systematically being made to happen is to be blatantly within denial, not just ostrich syndrome but your head up your own arse, you don’t know when this started and your knee jerk reaction denial began before even contemplating it, let alone actually researching any of it. It is biblical that’s why sulphuric acid of all things is being dropped in the sky and why energy’s are being lowered. 
Prophecy is being deliberately and systematically mimicked, carried out by a people who are “mimicking” it and intending to mislead a mass of people by deception, of the days that the sun will burn the wicked and this is feeding such a narrative deliberately and that’s a part of why this deception is happening. Without mentioning all the other aspects being carried out.


But, just ignore it, believe it’s all a coincidence, conspiracy theory or pretend that it just isn’t happening and these are bold claims as they’re claims you can’t understand and never even perceived before within such a context, yet in the same breath have the audacity to outright deny them, more than likely because some cult owned educational establishment has informed you to a level of knowledge and understanding it desires - not its occult sciences, unless you’re “one of them” and more in the know  - for you to know an aspects of their agenda to actually seek in justifying all these things that are taking place today just how within the same respect, big pharma owns a monopoly upon the medical educational establishment is really going to be “unbiased” and not dismiss the naysayers because you have a certificate granted to you by the very systems of power justifying this, that has conditioned your brain to never question beyond the well defined standards of your education and to see those who do so as loons - more like indoctrination and brainwashing, you’d never of had such a perspective if you had an open mind to see what’s going on here isn’t scientific but couldn’t be more mad if it tried, that’s why it needs so much bullshit and lies to deny it’s being actually going on for so long before many had been groomed into accepting it as a necessity and so it manifests as a largely unseen reality and where it is seen, it’s justified as being essential, one way or another for the “greater good”.



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We're in the era of 'genetics', our modern Medicine's the 'new testament' where we're no longer individuals with a life of our own or any right on our own life, only the by-products of immutable 'genetic capital' and 'chromosomes' : your father is your brother you're the son of your child...


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Now this old wind bags getting in on the action!


When we have tyranny and fascism, obedience isn’t a virtue, it’s cowardice in the face of the enemy. 

We are being psychologically browbeaten into submission and subjugation by someone who calls you her subject, maintaining a family monopoly, sits on a throne with the apparent divine right to rule over you and rape you finically indefinitely for the rest of their lives living off of stolen ill gotten gains, now it appears also this rape can also be both via medicine and technology. They’re like a parasite upon the whole of the human race as if they are the master race, so they can be the most dominant company “the firm” with an unrivalled sense of power, control and influence.
Then, even with this being the case, the audacity to say, do what we say, we should just do what they say, what’s expected of us and do it based on thinking about others and not ourselves, while it’s themselves and their agendas that is all they’re thinking about.
It’s a grotesque attempt at appearing liberal.
It really must be a last resort when our imaginations have to stretch to that and they call me a conspiracy theorist?
It’s even obnoxious to call this a democracy or capitalism.
It isn’t. It’s cartelism and it’s maintaining a monopoly, which unless you’re in their special club of the master race, you have absolutely no chance and will be impacted by a shakedown of society that’s currently taking place via the fraudulent COVID hysteria. It’s hysterical for a reason and it ain’t an accident or an overreaction but coldly calculated and deliberate.
What we are seeing is eugenics, death and sterilisation being performed upon the most vulnerable by our master race and unfortunately, all those so stupid enough to accept it and demand the “vaccine” themselves and go to get it, deserve all they get and perhaps ought to be wiped off the face of the earth if not only do they go willingly, but demand it.
Unfortunately, some of these individuals are so vulnerable they can’t think for themselves and actually feel these people behind this scam are doing what’s best for them while in fact they’re being medically experimented upon with an unproven, untested form of medical treatment and they’re guinea pigs, of which we have no repercussions or accountability by those manufacturing or so heavily pushing the so called “vaccine” and it’s those people I’m most thinking about whilst being against this so you can kiss my arse with your jumped up propaganda bullshit!
Same goes for all those who accept it and can’t see it for what it is.


Gawd they must be getting desperate! 
As they've wheeled out the old reptile now to push the depop shots! 

The Queen: ''people who refuse vaccine should think of others, rather than themselves'' [translation: don't be so selfish in holding up our mass depopulation plan - don't you know we have our depop targets that need to be met by 2025! now chop chop peasants, don't you know time is money!]” - Tasha


Why The Cult Agenda Is So Anti-Human - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast


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