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To use nootropics or not?


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I've used Ashwagandha and Lion's Mane but both made me sleepy and Ashwagandha made my irritability worse over time..

Maybe it was the dose...I am unsure.


I decided to then try Alpha GPC (Choline supplement) to help my brain fog and to give me the get go..but so far nothing. 


I am fatigued beyond anything these days. Nothing helps.


Most nootropics are illegal in the UK too, so it's even harder to find something..


Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried Chaga mushroom?  Used to get the big chunks and drop a few chunks into a slow cooker on low with purified water for 24 hours.  The taste is good and the chunks can be reused.  Used to put that in the child’s sippy cup and lions mane powder in his baby mush.  
Since you do essential oils, Hinoki and frankincense are said to have nootropic effects.  Peppermint too. 
Hope you get your energy back. 🙂


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36 minutes ago, JONJAY79 said:

Best one that works for me is creatine 


I use that as well for training and later found out it was a nootropic. Cheap as chips, too...


"Creatine is an amino acid, which your body uses to make protein. It’s a popular bodybuilding supplement that promotes muscle growth but is also beneficial for your brain. After it’s consumed, creatine enters your brain where it binds with phosphate, creating a molecule that your brain uses to quickly fuel its cells.

This increased availability of energy for your brain cells is linked to improved short-term memory and reasoning skills, especially in vegetarians and highly stressed people. Studies show that it’s safe to take 5 grams of creatine per day without any negative effects. Larger doses are also effective, but research on their long-term safety is unavailable."





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