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Wuhan virus Report and Solution


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Wuhan virus Report and Solution


   Video of Bannon interviewing Dr. Yan Limeng

  Part 1. Dr. Yan claims that Wuhan virus was created by the Chinese military and deliberately spread to the world. The Chinese government has created more virulent and terrifying virus. I believe this is credible.

  1 Judging from the performance of the Chinese government since the outbreak of the virus until the present, Dr. Yans statement is logical.

  1) The Chinese government knows this virus very well, just like knowing the lines on its own hand.

  a) After the Chinese Ministry of Health official Wang Guangfa went to Wuhan on January 8, 2020, he declared that the virus was preventable and controllable. In fact, the Chinese government has indeed controlled and treated this virus effectively. There is basically no Wuhan virus in China. I live in Shanghai, and there is no virus here. People do not wear masks to go shopping.

  b) Chinese Ministry of Health official Wang Guangfa contracted Wuhan virus after he went to Wuhan on January 8, 2020, but was treated for one day and no longer had a fever. He knew exactly what medicine to use to treat this virus.

  c) Xi Jinping held a meeting on January 25, 2020, and declared the "Traditional Chinese medicine treatment plan" should be used to treat Wuhan virus. In the following two months or so, the Chinese government announced that they has basically eliminated the Wuhan virus disaster. Xi Jinping knew exactly what medicine can be used to treat Wuhan virus. They did not waste a second and eliminated the virus crisis in Wuhan at the first instance.

  2) The Chinese governments efforts to conceal and blame other nations after the Wuhan virus outbreak show that Dr. Yans claim is logical.

  The Five Eyes alliance countries issued a report to point out that China has deliberately concealed the virus epidemic, spread the virus and blamed other nations.

  According to my collection of Wuhan virus related news, I also believe that China has deliberately concealed the virus epidemic, spread the virus and blamed other nations.

  Such concealment and deliberate virus proliferation shows that Wuhan virus is a biological and chemical weapon made by the Chinese government. This is based on normal logical reasoning. I have not found any evidence yet.

  2. The Chinese government has committed a lot of extremely evil acts; and then concealed, covered up and denied everything. They adopted the "I am a thug and I fear no one" attitude for everything.

  1) China has long harvested live human organs from Falun Gong members and other people and sold them to wealthy people or high-ranking officials who are in need of organs for organ transplant operations. The attitude adopted by China at home and abroad is denial and concealment.

  2) The Chinese government has executed large-scale financial fraud in the country, causing hundreds of millions of people to lose trillions in assets. Their attitude towards the issue at home and abroad is to deny and conceal. I am one of the victims.

  3) The Chinese government has recently suppressed the protests in Hong Kong. thousands of people in Hong Kong were missing and some people were murdered by secret police come from the mainland, but the government declared that they were committed suicide.

  Because the international community has adopted a tolerant and concessionary attitude toward Chinas atrocities and crimes. You gives the Chinese government license to do whatever they wants.

  This time they spread the virus to the world and adopted a consistent attitude of denial, concealment and covering up.

  Therefore, it is logical for Yan Limeng to claim that China has concealed the Wuhan virus epidemic and spread the virus to the world. This is their usual practice and protocol to dealing with all problems.

  Part 2. China and Xi Jinping have the motivation to create and spread the virus.

  1. The Chinese government's large-scale live human organ harvesting is a crime against humanity. They are afraid of losing their power and being held liable, so they will never admit that they have made, leaked and spread the virus. They have the motivation to cover up the virus.

  2. The United States, Russia, China and other countries are all making viruses in laboratories. China is engaging in a biological weapons race with these nations. So this is not just a China problem. This is a worldwide problem. This problem involves the entire mankind and mankind is destroying itself.

  3. Since eliminating the SARS virus in 2003, China has discovered that traditional Chinese medicine can effectively treat people infected with coronavirus on a large scale. So China developed a specific coronavirus and used Chinese medicine as a weapon. The Chinese government is not afraid of the spread of the virus.

  4. Xi Jinping amended the Chinese Constitution in 2018, allowing him to serve as the President of China and the Chairman of the Military Commission for life. Xi Jinping now has all power in China; the army, the police, and the People's Armed Police. 。。 Xi Jinping is China's dictator and emperor. Moreover, Chinese officials called Xi Jinping the same as ancient eunuchs and ministers called their emperors: "Yi Zun" (your highness) and "Jin Shang" (your holiness).

  Xi Jinping used money from financial fraud to invest in the Belt and Road Initiative as his political achievement project. The financial fraud involves several trillions in RMB and hundreds of millions of victims.

  All policies in China are made by Xi Jinping alone. Especially all of the policies made since the Wuhan virus outbreak.

  So it is also Xi Jinpings lone decision to spread the virus to the world, use Chinese medicine as a biological and chemical defense weapon and refuse to provide treatment to other countries.

  The Belt and Road Initiative is an act of power expansion worldwide and spreading the virus to the world is also an act of global expansion.

  So I think Xi Jinping has the motivation to spread the virus throughout the world. This is also the truth. It was his orders and decisions that caused the virus to spread to the world. China has an antidote, but Xi Jinping refused to share the Traditional Chinese Medicine antidote with the world.

  Part 3. China has the Antidote

  1. The Qingfei Paidu (Lung Clearing Detox) decoction invented by Tong Xiaolin is a special coronavirus medicine that can cure mild patients in about a week. China has cured 50,000 patients in Wuhan very quickly using this traditional Chinese medicine.

  In addition, the Chinese government has launched a large-scale propaganda in China to appease the people.

  Video 1: The Lung Clearing Detox decoction developed by academician Tong Xiaolin was used to clinically treat 50,000 patients in Wuhan.


  Video 2: The Chinese government announced that Lung Clearing Detox decoction is the special medicine for Wuhan virus treatment.


  Video 3: CCTV interviews academician Zhang Boli about combating the virus in Wuhan.


  Tong Xiaolin invented the Lung Clearing Detox decoction remedy:

  麻黄9g、炙甘草6g、杏仁9g、生石膏15~ 30g (先煎)、桂枝9g 、泽泻9g 、猪苓9g、白术9g、茯苓15g、柴胡16g 黄芩6g 、姜半夏9g、生姜9g、紫菀9g 、冬花9g 射干9g、细辛6g、山药12g、枳实6g 、陈皮6g、藿香9g

  Ephedra 9g, roasted licorice 6g, almonds 9g, gypsum 15~30g (fried), cassia twig 9g, alisma plantago-aquatica 9g, polyporus umbellatus 9g, atractylodes macrocephala 9g, atractylodes macrocephala koidz 15g, bupleurum chinese DC 16g, scutellaria baicalensis georgi 6g , rhizoma pinelliae 9g, fresh ginger 9g, aster tataricus 9g, flos farfarae 9g, belamcanda chinese (L.) DC. 9G, asarum sieboldii 6g, dioscorea polystachya 12g, immature trifoliate orange 6g, sun-dried tangerine peel 6g, agastache rugosa 9g.

  2. Taiwanese Chinese medicine experts have also made similar prescriptions and confirmed that Chinese medicine can eliminate Wuhan virus in patients within a week.

  Therefore, Taiwan has become the most successful region to defend against Wuhan virus. That is why. You can also go to Taiwan to buy Chinese medicine and Lung Clearing Detox decoction.

  Part 4. How to get the Antidote from China

  Disseminate the truth about the virus worldwide. If all countries and people in the world know the truth about Wuhan virus, the people of the world, including China, will gain the solution to this problem. If the people worldwide are united, we will have sufficient strength and wisdom to defeat the virus. Virus elimination.


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Yan Limeng’s second report claims that the Chinese government had planned to create the virus, release it, blame the virus on others and launch unrestricted warfare worldwide.


Yan Limeng’s second report



After reading Yan Limeng’s second virus report, I felt that she looked at the COVID-19 (Wuhan virus) incident from a scientific perspective. Ms. Yan believes that this is a premeditated virus warfare developed and launched by the Chinese government against the world a few years ago or even earlier.


Yan Limeng indicated that the Chinese government has been collecting all kinds of deadly viruses for many years, and constantly studying how to transform viruses transmitted between animals into those transmitted between people. Shi Zhengli's paper published earlier indicated that by adjusting the ACE2 protein of the virus transmitted between animals, the virus can be transformed to transmit between people.


This feat can be accomplished in six months.


Yan Limeng believes that not only did the Chinese government create this virus; it has also deliberately, decidedly, and purposefully conspired to release the virus to attack the world. The Chinese government has also done a lot of planning and preparation work in the scientific community before the virus is released and in order to deflect the world’s suspicion.


1. The Chinese government has spread numerous false news and scientific reports before the virus broke out. When the Chinese government deliberately released the virus, it used the false news and scientific reports to tell the world that the virus came from nature.


2. The Chinese government has bribed scientists worldwide to mislead the world that the virus came from nature.


3. The Chinese government has bribed scientific institutions worldwide to only publish papers that claim the virus came from nature and suppressed papers from scientists believing that the virus came from a laboratory.


4. The Chinese military has published "Unrestricted Warfare" in 1999. The book depicts warfare methods that cross the bottom line of human moral standards. The Chinese government and its soldiers will adopt any warfare method that normal people cannot even begin to imagine. The process includes planning the warfare, creating a virus, spreading the virus, publishing fake papers to claim that the virus came from nature,


China has discovered as early as 2003 that Traditional Chinese medicine can remedy the coronavirus disaster in Large-scale and it’s very cheap. Because  only China no other country understands Traditional Chinese medicine. So they specifically developed this virus as a weapon. The virus can be used to attack other countries and China has the Traditional Chinese medicine antidote to this virus.



Traditional Chinese medicine antidote prompted the Chinese government to develop the virus and use the virus as a weapon that enables China's dignitaries to rule the world rather than a suicidal act that destroys the world and itself.



So I think the key to eliminating Wuhan virus is Traditional Chinese medicine.


These phenomena show that the Chinese government premeditated very early and prepared for a long time to deliberately spread the virus in order to launch biochemical warfare and surprise attacks globally. This is what Yan Limeng believes and I think her views are credible.


I also believe that Chinese dignitaries intend to use Traditional Chinese medicine as a weapon to subjugate the world. Xi Jinping's authorities have provided certain Traditional Chinese medicine treatments to his allies, or The Belt and Road Initiative countries. Xi Jinping refused to provide the Traditional Chinese medicine antidote to countries that do not side with him.


Traditional Chinese medicine is a gift from God to the ancient Chinese people. Other countries do not recognize this gift. This is the fundamental reason why the devil can carry out its evil plans.


The key to eliminating Wuhan virus is for the whole world to recognize the essence of the virus. Yan Limeng is the messenger from God to show us the essence of the virus. We must also believe in God and that Traditional Chinese medicine is a gift from God to all over the world. Then you can quickly be saved.




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When I first saw the Chinese government’s performance against the virus, I thought they had a great conspiracy


Because the Wuhan virus comes from nature or a biological and chemical weapon made by the CCP, the behavior of the Chinese government is different.


Just like the behavior and physical characteristics of men and women are different


1. If this virus comes from nature


Because Xi Jinping held a Politburo meeting on January 25, Xi Jinping asked China to use Chinese medicine to treat all Wuhan virus patients nationwide, and the Chinese government basically disbanded the shelter hospital in March, announcing that the epidemic was basically eliminated.


In fact, according to my personal experience, the new cases in Shanghai, China's largest city, have basically been imported virus carriers since March, and there are basically no new cases in Shanghai local.


All the communities in Shanghai have basically lifted martial law. People can gradually move in and out of living communities freely, and people are not obliged to wear masks when they walk on the street.


Facts have proved that the traditional Chinese medicine Qingfei Paidu Decoction is indeed an antidote. It can get rid of the virus in a week for mild patients.


If Xi Jinping and the CCP are good people, not the devil, and this virus comes from nature. When China has an antidote and the world falls into the disaster of the virus. According to the logic of good people and traditional Chinese culture, China should help other countries.


This can promote traditional Chinese culture because traditional Chinese medicine is also a traditional Chinese culture. The purpose of the CCP opening Confucius Institutes around the world is to expand traditional Chinese culture.


China should help other countries and gain bargaining chips in trade negotiations. If Xi Jinping helps the United States to overcome the disaster of the Wuhan virus, Trump will not embarrass China on trade issues.


This is the logic of good people.


2. If the virus is a biological and chemical weapon made by the CCP.

All the performance is the current performance of the CCP.


Holding viruses and Chinese medicine as weapons in an attempt to conquer the world. Those who follow me prosper, those who oppose me perish.


Moreover, China had a history of using the Black Death as a biological and chemical weapon to conquer Europe and Asia.


When the Mongolian army attacked Kaffa in 1346, they used stone-throwers to throw the bodies of the Black Death patients into Kaffa. Soon the city was captured by the black death.


"Normal people dead one by one, and the death toll soon exceeded that of the living. The government used wooden poles to push the corpses that had nowhere to be buried into the sea nearby, and the port was soon abandoned."


Some people brought the Black Death bacteria to other places in Europe. This is the European Black Death plague in history. The death toll reached 25 million (nearly half of the total population of Europe at that time). This was one of the plagues with the highest number of deaths in human history


Moreover, in Chinese martial arts novels, sometimes poison is used to dominate the martial arts world, which is a frequent plot.


Therefore, Chinese traditional culture and history have genes for using viruses to dominate the world. Although this is not politically correct in China, Chinese history and culture is that "the winner is the king, and the loser is the bandit." This is a normal thing.


Because usually, those who make and use poisons must prepare an antidote for themselves, otherwise the virus will harm themself.


And the Chinese government fits this feature. They have an antidote, and this antidote was prepared by the Chinese government before the Wuhan virus broke out or before the Chinese government released the virus.


Xi Jinping's major is chemistry, not medicine, not even Chinese medicine, nor biology. How did he know to use Chinese medicine to eliminate the Wuhan virus in Wuhan?


And this antidote was very effective, and no mistakes occurred. This only shows that Xi Jinping knew that this Chinese medicine was an antidote before the virus broke out.


And Xi Jinping used the antidote to blackmail other countries as a weapon and tool to conquer other countries. This is even more proof that the Chinese Communist Party has produced le virus.

This is in line with the logic and characteristics of it is the CCP who created this virus.


In particular, the characteristics of the US election this time show that the CCP is producing vrius, using virus, and spreading the virus.


The CCP is cooperating with the U.S. Democratic Party and the media to eliminate Trump, and their strategy is also the virus. The CCP does not give the antidote to President Trump, and the left media are dedicated to attacking President Trump's ineffective epidemic prevention.


At the same time, the CCP acquired the Domenico voting machine, hoping to oust Trump, who did not cooperate with Xi Jinping.


The CCP hopes that Biden will be the President of the United States because they have bribed the Biden family for many years.


Biden's campaign slogan is: "He can eliminate the disaster of the virus" because the CCP will give Biden an antidote, but not Trump.


This even shows that Xi Jinping is using antidote and virus as weapons to conquer the United States.


The above are just logical judgments, I believe smart people should be able to understand.


Coupled with Yan Limeng’s academic revelations, my judgment has been confirmed from an academic perspective—this virus is the CCP’s biochemical weapon, and Xi Jinping wants to use it to conquer the world.






1. After watching Yan Limeng's video, I became furious. I believe Dr. Yan Limeng's video report is credible. I believe certain people in the Chinese government have created the virus, willfully spread the virus to the world, purposely blamed other countries, deliberately refused to provide the antidote to other countries, and used Chinese medicine as a weapon to threaten other nations.


2. Certain people in the Chinese government do not represent the entire 1.4 billion Chinese people. They launched a biological and chemical weapon attack on the whole world. They are the scum and traitors of the Chinese nation. They have betrayed the Chinese citizens and people worldwide. The Chinese people must fully reject and become detached from such people in the Chinese government.


3. I hereby declare to the world on behalf of the 1.4 billion Chinese people that the Chinese people will never deliberately create a virus, spread the virus to the world, blame other nations for the virus or use Chinese medicine as a weapon to threaten or attempt to subjugate other nations.


4. The virus is the common enemy to mankind. If China has an antidote, China will share the antidote with other nations.


5. The Chinese citizens are kind people. we hope to live on earth freely with equality and to prosper together with the rest of mankind worldwide.


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A few days ago, the media exposed "THE LONGER TELEGRAM--Toward a new American China strategy" of The Atlantic Council

The content is to suggest that the US government should "replace Xi Jinping as the best way to solve China's problems"

I think this can solve the problem temporarily, but we cannot solve the problem completely.




Because according to a secret speech by Chi Haotian, the former Chinese Minister of Defense, in 2005: "War is not far from us, it is the midwife of the Chinese century."


China made the virus and used it to attack the United States and all over the world. It was Deng Xiaoping's strategy and decision. The Chinese military secretly performed research and development tasks. Xi Jinping and Jiang Zemin are just executors of Deng Xiaoping's policies.


As a Chinese, everyone knows Deng Xiaoping's position in China.

In the eyes of the Chinese people, Deng Xiaoping’s authority is the highest. Even more respected than Mao Zedong

Because Mao Zedong made big, very obvious mistakes. But Deng Xiaoping did not, and Deng Xiaoping's international reputation is also very high. Deng Xiaoping is always the most popular to go anywhere in the world, especially the United States.


Therefore, in China, Deng Xiaoping's decision cannot be easily overturned by the Chinese government. Especially issues related to the fundamental interests of the CCPwill not be questioned and overturned.


If people all over the world don’t know where the Wuhan virus came from? You will never get rid of the Wuhan virus. There will be Wuhan No. 2 virus and Wuhan No. 3 virus  . . .  Wuhan No. n virus appeared all over the world in the future.


Because this virus is Deng Xiaoping's business. It is the strategy and decision-making of Deng Xiaoping,  who is the highest authority of the Chinese Communist Party and an old friend of the American people.


According to Chi Haotian’s report, “When Comrade Deng Xiaoping was still alive, the central government made the right decision: China will not develop an aircraft carrier battle group, but focuses on a powerful weapon to destroy the enemy’s population.”


The Chinese all understand what this means. Chi Haotian could not say bluntly: "Deng Xiaoping ordered the development of viruses to poison the world."

The CCP needs to describe the devil as an angel and use euphemisms to express this meaning.


Reading through the full text of Chi Haotian's speech, what he meant was: "The highest order issued by Deng Xiaoping to develop viruses and attack the United States and any enemy, and the Chinese military implemented this plan.”




According to Guo Wengui’s revelation: Xi Jinping signed the top-secret document "Plan 13579", which was drafted by Chi Haotian.

1. The main content is to implement from 2017 to create 1 virus weapon,

3. Release the virus within 3 years to destroy the population and economy of the United States and all over the world,

5. This virus weapon will continue to work in 5 years,

7. Paralyzed the armies and economies of the 7 main hostile countries and plunged them into chaos,

9. The CCP produced a vaccine within 9 months and used the vaccine and antidote to conquer the world


And the CCP has implemented this plan. All the disasters that our world has experienced today are all written in this evil plan.

The "13579 Plan" was drafted by Chi Haotian, the former Chinese Minister of Defense, and it further proved that Xi Jinping and Chi Haotian are implementing Deng Xiaoping's strategy and intentions.


In addition, the Wuhan Institute of Virology is Jiang Zemin’s sphere of influence, and Wuhan is also Jiang Zemin’s sphere of influence.

According to reports: "The current director of Wuhan Institute of Virology is called Wang Yanyi, and her husband is called Shu Hongbing. Shu Hongbing is a loyal subordinate of Jiang Zemin's eldest son, Jiang Mianheng."




In addition, Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xianwang accused Xi Jinping on the CCTV live broadcast on January 26, 2020: “It is not that I concealed the epidemic, but that the central government (Xi Jinping) did not authorize it.” It shows that Zhou Xianwang is not Xi Jinping’s loyal subordinate, but Jiang Zemin’s loyal subordinate.


I think the Wuhan virus was created and released by Jiang Zemin's son Jiang Mianheng, and Xi Jinping concealed the epidemic in order to maintain his own position. Leading to the spread of the Wuhan virus to the world.




Why did Jiang Zemin and his son create the virus and release it? Because this was Deng Xiaoping's decision and strategy, they agreed and implemented this plan.

Whether it is Xi Jinping, Jiang Zemin, and his son, or Deng Xiaoping, all in all, it is the CCP that created the virus and released it.


Therefore, the US government intends to let Xi Jinping step down and let Jiang Zemin or others come to power. The Wuhan virus will never be resolved.


Because the CCP is in the same group, they have the same ideas and they are all equally evil. If the CCP is not completely eliminated from China, the problem will never be solved.




by Chi Haotian : "War is not far from us, it is the midwife of the Chinese century."



Mr. Guo Wengui talks about the "13579 Project"



Bannon said Guo Wengui was a messenger



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On 2/19/2021 at 4:39 PM, walk said:



















  主要类别编号:A61D1 / 00兽医手术器械


  发明人/设计师:王立军;尹志勇 赵辉 王正国

  类别编号:A61D1 / 00兽医手术器械









Topics merged, please don't keep starting new topics on the same/similar subject.


Also, posts in English only (or at least provide a translation)



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Evidence that the Chinese government cuts off living human organs for trading

—— Wang Lijun invented the "Brain Death Machine" and applied for a patent in 2012.


Wang Lijun is a former vice-mayor and police chief of Chongqing city. He is well-known for entering the US Consulate General in Chengdu on February 6, 2012 to seek asylum.

He invented the Brain Death Machine used for the sole purpose of causing primary brain stem injury to a healthy subject by hitting the skull, and allowing the subject to maintain breathing and heartbeat so the subject can serve as an organ transplant donor perfectly.


According to complaints filed by Falun Gong practitioners, the invention was specifically designed to harvest live human organs. They have lied to the outside world and claimed that the brain-dead patients have donated their human organs. In truth, they just match the organ of a healthy subject with a patient in need of an organ transplant, use the Brain Death Machine to cause brain death to the subject and remove the subject’s human organs for transplantation while the subject remains alive.


The healthy subjects are Falun Gong practitioners or other missing persons and detainees. Without a public trial, deliberately causing brain death to a subject before removing the subject's organs for transplantation is considered deliberate murder.


This is an anti-human and evil behavior committed to gain enormous profits.

Wang Lijun's “Brain Death Machine” invented for the specific purpose of harvesting human organs is not a myth. The machine’s patent provides proof of its existence.


The official name of Wang Lijun‘s “Brain Death Machine” invention is called the “Primary Brain Stem Injury Impacting Machine” as clearly shown on the Chinese patent website:


Primary Brain Stem Injury Impacting Machine

Application No.: CN201120542042.X

Application date: 2011-12-22

Publication/announcement date: 2012-08-15

Publication/announcement No.: CN202376254U

Main category No.: A61D1/00 Veterinary Surgical Instrument

Application/patent owner: Chongqing Police College

Inventor/designer: Wang Lijun; Yin Zhiyong; Zhao Hui; Wang Zhengguo

Category No.: A61D1/00 Veterinary Surgical Instrument

The question is not what Wang Lijun did; rumor has it that he may be dead.


The point is that Wang Lijun was just a gofer. He was just executing orders from his superiors and masters. His master was Bo Xilai, former Politburo and Communist Party Secretary of Chongqing.

Bo Xilai's social status and position was second only to China’s top leader.


Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun and others’ actions of harvesting live human organs without trial should be considered the actions of China instead of specific acts by individuals.


Put it this way, certain level state officials in China know that the Chinese government is committing live organ harvesting. Those who don't know are just not high enough in the chain of command. It is impossible for someone who has reached a certain chain of command to not know.


But the kind-hearted ordinary citizens of China have absolutely no idea of such travesty.


People in other countries worldwide are even less aware that such anti-human tragedies are happening on a large scale in China and the trend is growing as increasingly more civilians are murdered for organ harvesting. They can just use the Brain Death Machine to turn anyone into a magnanimous “brain dead patient” organ donor. As long as there are organ transplantation demands.


I ask God to judge and punish this heinous, shameless, evil, boundless, absolutely inhumane and fully unjustified profit making method.


Everyone wants to make money, but money should be made morally. Good people can also make money as long as we work hard. I advocate that everyone can make money and obtain wealth, security and happiness.


However, only demons would "harvest live human organs” for profit. All demons must go to hell.

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On 2/21/2021 at 7:21 PM, Grumpy Owl said:


Topics merged, please don't keep starting new topics on the same/similar subject.


Also, posts in English only (or at least provide a translation)



Sorry, this is a mistake, I have republished the English version,

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What is Xi Jinping's motivation for using the virus to launch unrestricted warfare to conquer the world?


A few days ago, Some people say that Trump didn't believe this Is true Xi Jinping and the CCP really want to control the world? Are they really this crazy? I now tell you why all this is?


Do you believe it? What Xi Jinping does has the same theoretical basis as what the Falun Gong organization does. Why did Jiang Zemin madly suppress Falun Gong? Why does the CCP hate Falun Gong?


Because Falun Gong, Xi Jinping, and the CCP are doing the same thing. It's all for the same reason.


1. The Prophecy of the Super Saint


In recent years, a prophecy has been spreading wildly on the Internet:“predictions from more than a dozen different countries all over the world point out that in the present few years, there will be a person born in China, and he will unify the world and become the greatest saint and  the most honorable  emperor of the world.”


These predictions include:


Messiah in the Bible

Isa of Islam

Buddhist Maitreya

Taoist Lagerstroemia saint

Maitreya in "The Records of Ge'an"《格庵遗录》in South Korea

The Pahana predicted by Hobby, a North American Indian Hobby tribe

Three Water Palaces in Nostradamus' "Les Propheties"

Saints and Rainbow Warriors in Mayan Prophecy

Edgar Cayce's predictions about China

The guiding spirit of the Martian boy

Jenny's future cultural leader

"Tui bei tu"《推背图》, "Longhua Sutra"《龙华经》, "Maqian ke"《马前课》, "Plum Blossom Poem"《梅花诗》, "Jinling Tower Inscription"《金陵塔碑文》, "Wuhou Hundred Years Prophecy"《武侯百年乩》, "Buxu Master's Prophecy"《步虚大师预言》, "The Song of Qiankun Wannian"《乾坤万年歌》, " Biscuit song”《烧饼歌》. . . . . .


According to many articles on the Chinese Internet, all the saints mentioned above are the same person and he was born in China, which will appear in just a few years. We temporarily call him "Super Saint"


2. Both Falun Gong Lihongzhi and Xi Jinping consider themselves the "super saints"


1) Li Hongzhi calls himself a "super saint"


Falun Gong believes that Li Hongzhi is the saint mentioned above. We can find many videos of Falun Gong followers advocating Li Hongzhi as the saint of salvation on the YouTube website.


Falun Gong has continuously promoted Li Hongzhi as a salvation saint in the last 20 years, and they found a lot of the aforementioned prophecies to prove it. This is the real reason why the CCP declared them to be a cult.


Because the CCP claims to be an atheist, they simply cannot explain so many predictions and evidence. The CCP is extremely afraid of these prophecies.

They knew that if the CCP allowed these prophecies to spread among the people, the CCP would collapse. The people will believe in prophecies instead of the CCP.


This is the fundamental reason why Jiang Zemin and the CCP called Falun Gong a cult, opposed Falun Gong, and suppressed Falun Gong.

The CCP believes that Falun Gong has undermined the authority of the Communist Party.

Falun Gong has shaken the ruling foundation and legitimacy of the CCP through the legend of God and the spiritual world. Challenged the CCP from the perspective of the spiritual world.


2) Xi Jinping and his followers believe that Xi Jinping is a "super saint" and is implementing a plan to conquer the world


On the one hand, the CCP brutally suppressed Falun Gong, calling them a cult, and harvesting Falun Gong human organs on a large scale for dealing.


On the other hand, Xi Jinping and Falun Gong have the same ideas. Falun Gong advocates that Li Hongzhi is a "super saint." Xi Jinping and his followers are also preaching that Xi Jinping is the "super saint".


The “Belt and Road Initiative” proposed by Xi Jinping and the “Community of a Shared Future for Mankind” plan is not to make much money for himself, nor to bring any benefits to China, but Xi Jinping wants to be the “world emperor” and “super saint”.


Because the super saint in the prophecy will conquer the world, and he will be a worldwide saint. So Xi Jinping is now doing something to conquer the world. Because he thinks he is the super saint himself, he needs to conquer the world to prove that he is the super saint.


3. Xi Jinping is launching an unrestricted war against the world and conquering the world to prove that he is a "super saint"


This is the fundamental psychological motivation for Xi Jinping and the CCP to do a series of crazy, incredible, and evil things.


The Chinese system provides the CCP and Xi Jinping with almost endless wealth. This wealth provides the CCP with seemingly feasible ways and conditions, allowing them to bribe anyone unscrupulously, forcing them to give Xi Jinping anything that he wants.


So the CCP took action step by step. It is money that has made the CCP more and more courageous and has gradually become a demon.


The CCP launched unrestricted warfare against the world, launched a biological and chemical war, launched a coup attempt to control the United States, used the money to bribe politicians around the world, and bribed the world's elite to serve the CCP. . . . .


CCP has killed 1.7 million people and caused countless economic losses by creating viruses, spreading viruses, refusing to recognize viruses, and conquering the world with viruses and antidotes.


In the future, more people will die, greater economic losses, and the CCP will have more vicious and more lethal viruses waiting to be released. Its purpose is to use Chinese medicine and viruses to control the world and gain greater power.

It was these prophecies and evil desires that made Xi Jinping a demon.

In order to achieve their goals, they can ignore the interests and lives of anyone by any unscrupulous means. This is the ideology of the CCP. Power and greed make people become demons.


4. Unrestricted warfare is a shameless form of war against humanity that uses all means and various forms of war to make weak countries conquer powerful countries.


The first theoretical basis for Xi Jinping to do evil is: "Xi Jinping considers himself a super saint ruling the world"

The second theoretical basis for Xi Jinping to do evil is: "unrestricted warfare"


"Unrestricted Warfare" is the invention and book of the Chinese active air force major general Qiao Liang, who is a celebrity in the world military.


From the perspective of the definition of unrestricted warfare, Guo Wengui and Yan Limeng's statement about the CCP: "The Wuhan virus is an unrestricted war launched by the CCP against the world" is completely correct.

It is fully in line with the characteristics of unrestricted warfare.


The CCP not only invented the theory of "unrestricted warfare", but also put it into practice.


1) The CCP uses economic development and cultural exchanges as a cover to force all students studying abroad, scientists, and companies to steal technology and information for China.

The CCP bribed the target country's politicians, media, and academic authorities on a large scale.

This is a means of war in which all the people are soldiers, just like terrorists.


2According to Yan Limeng's report, after long-term planning, the CCP has launched an undeclared biochemical war against the world by creating and spreading the virus, deceiving the origin of the virus, and using Chinese medicine as a weapon.

Wuhan virus is a manifestation of unrestricted warfare


5. From Xi Jinping’s specific performance, it is confirmed that Xi Jinping’s ultimate goal is "super saint" and "world emperor"


1) Xi Jinping's subordinate officials call him "Yi Zun". From this we can see that Xi Jinping's ultimate goal is to be a "super saint" or "world emperor."


"Yizun" means: "the only person worthy of respect". This allusion comes from the fact that Emperor Qin Shihuang eliminated six countries, unified the China, eliminated all cultures and The only cultures allowed is Confucius' education.


The name "Yi Zun" is not the name of the emperor in ancient China. Because Chinese traditional culture requires respect for ancestors, the status of ancestors is much higher than one's own. The ancient Chinese all hoped to be blessed by the souls of their ancestors.


The same is true for the emperor's family. The emperor could not call himself "the only person worthy of respect", because by doing so, his parents and ancestors would be greatly disrespected, and the emperor would lose the protection from his ancestors.


Therefore, the word "Yi Zun" is a special name for Xi Jinping. It was invented by Xi Jinping and his staff, making Xi Jinping a "super saint".


This name implies that Xi Jinping needs to eliminate, conquer, and rule all other countries and all other cultures, and only retain the so-called Xi Jinping theory and Xi Jinping's rule. Think of Xi Jinping as the unprecedented supreme emperor and "super saint" in China and the world.


2) Xi Jinping created the virus, spread the virus, framed other countries, used the virus to destroy the world economy, create chaos, and used the virus and antidote as a weapon to control the world. These crazy behaviors can prove that Xi Jinping wants to be the "world emperor" and " Super saint ".


3) Through a series of long-term bribery and infiltration activities, Xi Jinping controlled the American media, the Democratic Party, and American politicians, purchased Dominican voting machines, and faked votes on a large scale.


This allowed Biden, who had been cooperating with Xi Jinping for a long time, to be elected president, and Trump, who had been confronted with Xi Jinping, was eliminated.


This behavior proved Xi Jinping's ambition to conquer the United States and the world. Use this method to prove that Xi Jinping is a "super saint"


I think Xi Jinping and the CCP are the real anti-humanity and anti-God cult



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1. After watching Yan Limeng's video, I became furious. I believe Dr. Yan Limeng's video report is credible. I believe certain people in the Chinese government have created the virus, willfully spread the virus to the world, purposely blamed other countries, deliberately refused to provide the antidote to other countries, and used Chinese medicine as a weapon to threaten other nations.


2. Certain people in the Chinese government do not represent the entire 1.4 billion Chinese people. They launched a biological and chemical weapon attack on the whole world. They are the scum and traitors of the Chinese nation. They have betrayed the Chinese citizens and people worldwide. The Chinese people must fully reject and become detached from such people in the Chinese government.


3. I hereby declare to the world on behalf of the 1.4 billion Chinese people that the Chinese people will never deliberately create a virus, spread the virus to the world, blame other nations for the virus or use Chinese medicine as a weapon to threaten or attempt to subjugate other nations.


4. The virus is the common enemy to mankind. If China has an antidote, China will share the antidote with other nations.


5. The Chinese citizens are kind people. we hope to live on earth freely with equality and to prosper together with the rest of mankind worldwide.

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he CCP has an antidote to the Wuhan virus


I have been observing and studying the mainland, and I have been living in the mainland. There are a lot of details, and they are also very critical. If you do not live on the mainland, you will not know, and no one will remind you.


What I want to remind you is that the CCP has an antidote to the Wuhan virus.


Yan Limeng declared to the world from the perspective of a scientist that this virus is a biological and chemical weapon made in a laboratory. I also think so. But if you want to convince people all over the world to believe this view, only a report by Yan Limeng is far from enough. Anyone can doubt Yan Limeng's academic arguments. The CCP will find many scientists to refute Yan Limeng's views.


If your battle only remains on academic debates, it has no practical significance and lacks persuasiveness. Others will say that you lack evidence. It is difficult to convince the world of our propaganda. This will greatly affect our publicity effect.


Because if the CCP uses the virus as a biological and chemical weapon, the weapon should be only used to attack the opponent, and the CCP must be able to protect itself from the virus. I believe that because of this, many people all over the world do not believe you.


After my observation, I have absolute evidence that the CCP has the antidote. The evidence I got is not my special identity. This evidence comes from my personal experience with Chinese people, and it also comes from CCTV reports. In March this year, the Chinese government declared to the world that they have an antidote that can cure 90% of mild patients within a week.


It is because the CCP’s have an antidote that can effectively cure Wuhan virus patients. Therefore, we can say that the Wuhan virus is a CCP's biological and chemical weapon.


If we cannot prove that the CCP has an antidote, then Yan Limeng's scientific report is untenable. Most people will not believe Yan Limeng's report and your publicity. This is common sense.


When people all over the world know the CCP's have an antidote, they will understand that this virus is a biological and chemical weapon. The whole world will target the CCP and make concerted efforts to destroy it. This is what we want to achieve.


At least we can force the CCP to share an antidote to save the world from this disaster. The antidote can use to treat patients who have been infected with the virus, and the vaccine can make healthy people who have not infected produce antibodies. Using these two efforts at the same time, all mankind can quickly eliminate the disaster of the Wuhan virus.


This is what I want .


May God bless you


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Opposing hydroxychloroquine is also part of the CCP's attempt to use the virus to conquer the United States


NTDTV's interview with Simone Gold, MD



After the outbreak of the Wuhan virus in the United States, some clinicians in the United States discovered that the combination therapy of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D can effectively treat patients with Wuhan virus. It can cure mild patients within a few days.


And this treatment was recommended by President Trump, and he personally tried to verify its safety


Trump has done his best to do what he should do.


After this election, it now appears that the banning of hydroxychloroquine by the US media and medical institutions is also part of the coup against Trump, as well as part of the CCP's conspiracy to drive away Trump who is not cooperating with Xi Jinping.



Because the US government, media, and medical institutions have been infiltrated and bribed by the CCP on a large scale.


The American media and medical institutions are serving the CCP, not the United States. Even with a large number of facts in front of them, hydroxychloroquine has been proven by a large number of clinicians to be an effective medicine for the treatment of Wuhan virus. The medical institution still vetoed it, the purpose is to drive Trump away.


They disregarded the lives of the American people and caused the death of a large number of patients to create facts for the media to attack Trump's failure to deal with the epidemic.


They think that To block hydroxychloroquine is to block Trump, a conspiracy of the media and medical institutions manipulated by the CCP.


In fact, even though hydroxychloroquine is not the best medicine for treating Wuhan virus, it is also a better medicine for treating Wuhan virus, and the CCP itself is also using hydroxychloroquine to treat Wuhan virus on a large scale.


However, the evil CCP also blocked this road for Americans deliberately, causing Americans to attack their own people. They hope that the death toll of Americans will drive Trump away and help the CCP conquer the United States. This is extremely evil and vicious.


If Americans can realize this, you can truly overcome the disaster of the Wuhan virus. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, it is useless, because you are killing yourself.


I have talked a lot about the treatment of Wuhan virus before.


Under the current circumstances, if the antidote of Qingfei Paidu Decoction cannot be obtained from China, I think the effect of hydroxychloroquine cocktail therapy should be similar.

I estimate that hydroxychloroquine combination therapy can achieve more than 60% of the therapeutic effect of the Chinese antidote.


Hydroxychloroquine combination therapy is also a traditional Chinese medicine treatment method, which I explained in a previous article.

Now, this treatment plan cannot pass the verification and approval by Western medicine.

This is also a weakness of Western countries recognized by the CCP, and this is also the fundamental reason why the CCP launched this virus war.


Because Westerners do not understand how to use traditional Chinese medicine and reject Chinese medicine. because it is cheap and efficient. so the medical system will not make much money for this.


You should put aside your prejudices and selfish interests for the time being, and consider for the survival of your nation. You want to use the medical system to make money, or do you want the medical system to save lives and save your nation?


In order to save lives, I suggest that first, we can immediately establish a pilot project of mobile cabin hospitals that can accommodate thousands of people,


gather volunteers with mild patients who have tested positive to the mobile cabin hospitals and give patients free hydroxychloroquine cocktail therapy Pilot, and inform the people of the therapeutic effect of "hydroxychloroquine cocktail therapy" in real-time through the Internet and the media.


Let the facts defeat the medical bureaucrats and fake news media bribed by the CCP.

After the treatment effect is verified and recognized by the people, it can be gradually promoted nationwide.

In this way, the United States and the world can gradually solve the disaster of the Wuhan virus.


The effect of the newly developed vaccine needs to be observed, because this virus is a combination of AIDS and SARS, and we know that there is no vaccine for AIDS. So I don't have much hope for the vaccine.


Yan Limeng also said that this virus vaccine is ineffective. Because the CCP will continue to create new variant viruses and new types of viruses, and spread them, making your vaccines ineffective.



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