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Vax NEEDS the Germ Theory LIE for marketing


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The germ theory lie:

Perhaps the most successful lie of the medical industry is the “germ theory” of Pasteur. It is second only to the lie by Darwin’s followers. For the medical industry to instill fear of disease into patients, this abominable theory is essential. Once healthy patients realise that there is almost nothing to fear from germs, and that the “germ killing magic bullet” of the doctor is an illusion, the whole medical industry marketing paradigm falls apart. It is the germ theory, and the apparent early success of antibiotics, which have escalated the image of the medical industry from caring professionals, into glitzy high-tech wizards, as portrayed by their marketing hype.


To make the complex deception more acceptable to medical students, a set of impressive scientific doctrines, called Koch’s postulates, had to be invented and propagated.

The doctrine states that: For a specific bacteria (or germ) to be the cause of a disease, it must:

1)   be found in every case of the disease,

2) not be found when the disease is not present,

3) be able to exist outside the tissues of the host; and

4)   produce the disease when the host is exposed to it.


The first of Koch's postulates is false since scientists now know that specific microorganisms are not found in each case of the disease.

The second of Koch's postulates is false because germs are consistently found in the bodies of animals and people who show no signs of any disease

The third postulate is false because many germs depend on animal or human organisms for their survival and cannot survive outside the tissues.

Finally, the fourth postulate is false because studies indicate that many people will not contract a particular disease, even when thoroughly exposed to its ”disease germ”.


The obvious deception of the germ theory can be seen from the simple question:
If germs caused disease, why is everyone who is exposed to the germs, not sick?


One of the most bizarre practices in the “medical germ circus” is the use of stethoscopes (heart beat meters) and blood pressure meters. One can observe all the every day draconian germ killing procedures employed in the medical settings such as the surgery, hospital, nursery and laboratories. Then one can puzzle about why the doctor’s never clean their official badges (stethoscope), which is visible around the collar or peeping from the white coat pocket. The doctor’s dog has probably been slavering on the stethoscope in the back of the doctor’s Mercedes. The stethoscope is carried from one sick patient to the next, to the cafeteria, toilet, the car and home. If there are dangerous germs, this is where they will be, in a grand assortment. The same goes for the blood pressure meters toted from one patient to the next. If germs were mobile, these would be their ideal vehicles. The reason why this anomaly exists is because of the “infallibility” of the “angel of light” – namely that all these horrible germs can only exist on other people, not on doctor’s, or their car, children, dog, stethoscope, etc.

Medical staff, who have the greatest exposure to germs,
do not suffer exceptionally high infection rates, proving once more that germs do not cause disease.





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I am won over by this theory, since there is some actual evidence to support it unlike the germ theory. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently actually. I thought how without it the germ theory, big pharma would be finished. Gone. No more. Like a multi on billion dollar corporation would allow this and it’s also helping them with the global takeover. Explains why they ridicule any challenge to the germ theory.

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Some of the best skilled doctors would all agree with it in Pasteur’s time when he who’s now regarded as a ‘savior of the mankind’ was bullied and ridiculed by his peers like the greedy cheater he was : it’s no more science but a religion of which the microbe theory was the ‘old testament’ and genetics are the new one… I don’t know if they’re contradictory to each other in Christianity like they are in ‘Medicine’, but ‘genetics’ also embraced the evolution theory just to refute it while this one was based on mere common sense… our Medicine already switched to the ‘gene theory’ since a while and in complete denial of reality and evidence…


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