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Suggestion...Creating a channel for alternative music ? What do you think...Yes or no?


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I would like to know what other members think about creating a music channel on the site (alternative music). No up to date nonsense to be posted or allowed, only if the music as a meaning/message/lyrics. I want us to share each others alternative music that means something to you and me. I have seen music vids posted in certain differant threads and categories by mods and members but I would like them all to have one section (like memes).


My example of the new thread: 


Main header..

(Alternative Music)


Then click on (Alternative Music) it will take you to the sub forum with categories.



* Independent Artists

* Spiritual

* Meditation

* Uplifting

* Rap

* Rock/Metal

* Parody

* Political

* Uncategorized/Random

* Evil Music Celebs Exposed


If anyone can add any feedback on what you think about this...(good or bad)...or if anyone has any other ideas of categories to be added, brill.

Thank you for your input.


Peace and love x...soul2soul

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Hi Mac, that's a good old Irish name you have.

Hope all going well.


Thank you for your input my friend, you just added a extra category...traditional/folk music.


As long as the music has meaning, message or lyrics that are relevant. Yeah...play it and share it.

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Hi Shab, your spot on my friend. Like you say, it would be so much easier to navigate the alternative.

I do come across random music videos that have been posted in differant categories on here, but it would be so good to have them all in one seperate forum.


Thank you Shab, I appreciate your input. Peace and love.


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Sometimes I have to to take a break from reading, researching, watching, downloading.


It's 4.30am.

This is the music I have been playing tonight...


111 by Tiller Wills A Great anti NWO Song

Anonymous Illuminati featuring George Carlin

Tom MacDonald - Fake Woke/ People So Stupid/ Politically Incorrect

Bazanji - Snakes

David Icke - You Think That's Air You're Breathing

Disturbed - Land Of Confusion

Vinnie Paz - End Of Days

Gary Jules Mad World Remix of Moby Video Cartoon

Immortal Technique - Freedom Of Speech

K-Rino - The Plan

Rap News - Big Brother Is WWWatching You

Living In The Age of The Hoax

Stick your New World Order Up Your Arse

The Wayseer- Manifesto / We Are From the Future




The BBG - You're Sticking No Vax In Me...Richie Allen....LOL BRILL


Good night all.


Please list your recommended music list.


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23 hours ago, uksoul2soul said:

Thank you BC, for moving the thread. After posting in general chat, I woke up next day and thought I should of posted in suggestions. So glad we have a good moderator. Hats off to you. You do a good job BC.


Thank you  :O)

Are you going to open up some more music threads in this section ?

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