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Demonized Doctoring by Charles du Randt

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Book: Demonized Doctoring by Charles du Randt





To quote Jesus Christ:

It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. 3 (Luke 17:2 (KJV)).


When analyzing the crippling effect of abusive medicine on humans, one finds that perhaps the most severely damaged humans are fetuses, infants and children.




Baby girls are born with all the egg cells they will ever have, in other words they do not grow new egg cells during their life time. These eggs are fragile and are the seed of new human life. Chemicals and radiation are two of the most violent agents these egg cells can be exposed to.4 Slight damage to an egg may be amplified to a severe malfunction in the human, similar to the invisible damage to seeds which result in malfunctional plants. Once the eggs have been damaged it leads to major defects such as infertility, brain dysfunction, birth deformities and cancer, as well as “lesser” problems such as impaired immunity, impaired eyesight, skin disorders and a host of other common disorders of the human body and mind.
But then, that is the purpose of the medical industry - sick people will swell the coffers of the gluttonous pharmaceutical trade even further.


Most pharmaceutical medicines (prescription and over-the counter) have the potential to damage the fragile egg cells. Radiation from X-rays are even more destructive at the level of the cell. Both these dangerous practices are sold to patients by the billions of times per year world wide. The devastation caused to the human egg pool is unimaginable.


The value and geographical distribution of pharmaceutical sales give some idea of how many humans are exposed to chemical drugs:

Size of the world market


The value of the world pharmaceutical market was estimated by the European Pharmaceutical Industry (EFPIA) at US$164.5 billion in 1989. The 1990 market was estimated at being between $ 174 billion and $ 186 billion. The major market areas were: North America, 33.0%; Western Europe, 31.9%; Asia, 25.4%; Latin America, 3.9%; Eastern Europe, 3.1%; Africa, 1.8%; and Australia 1.0%. Forecasts for the year 2000 suggest the global market could reach $330 billion. 5


That equals more than US$50 per human per year! The billions of x-ray $’s are not even included in this figure.


Egg cells are not the only pre-conception victims of chemicals. Male sperm is damaged by a wide array of chemicals, including hormonal medicines and X-rays.


Damaged egg cells and sperm are certainly involved when the bewildering increase in auto-immune diseases (where the immune system becomes aggressive and damages the host body) are observed, of which AIDS is the most sensational. These diseases are not only on the increase, but younger and younger humans are suffering from these diseases, and are incurring untold miseries from conditions like Lupus (tissue degeneration), Arthritis, Allergies, Multiple sclerosis (paralysis) and Colitis (colon disease resulting in removal of colon).


There is no substance such as a “safe man-made” chemical 11. Only a person with perfect knowledge of God’s creation would be able to assess all the implications of a chemical insult to a human. The known dimensions of humans are mechanical (as in bones and blood), chemical (as in vitamins), electronic (as in nerve impulses), magnetic (as in bone growth), hormonal (as in insulin), enzymatic (as in DNA repair), mental (as in thoughts), spiritual (as in conversing with God) and many others. The unknown dimensions are real, but beyond the current knowledge of humans in general. Any man-made substance could impact all or some of the known, as well as the unknown dimensions in the human. The total listed toxic effects (side effects) of medicines number over 1 400 000! Most medicines also contain chemical excipients such as colourants, sweeteners, binders, stabilisers, flavourants, fillers and many more. The interaction of these toxic effects with other chemicals and foods in the human environment is beyond calculation12. Medicines are deliberately not even required to be tested for interactions with other chemicals before marketing.


Many medicines also result in an altered state of consciousness, meaning that the user will experience a reduced will power and decision making ability.


Very few women and men (of child generating age) have not been exposed to multiple drugs which has altered their egg cells and sperm cells. All new offspring in the medicine era actually have“3” parents, namely mom, dad and the silent participant - the pharmaceutical/medical/industrial complex. Fortunately (for the unborn), 20% of industrial couples have fertility problems (due to chemical damage) and cannot generate a damaged baby (perhaps a mixed blessing).

In the womb

Having survived the pre-conception chemical obstacle course, the fetus now enters the most hazardous place on earth, the womb. The fetus is already awash with residues of disturbing hormones which the mother took as contraceptives and cortisone during her life.


During the first 2-6 weeks (the most vulnerable), before the mother is 100% sure that she is pregnant, she is probably taking one or more medicines which the pharmaceutical/medical/industrial complex has persuaded her to take. The following substances would most likely be found in her medicines cabinet: pain killers, antibiotics, mood enhancers, sleep inducers, laxatives, diuretics, anti- spasmodics, cortisone for skin conditions, and in many cases, asthma drugs.6


Once the fetus is acknowledged (the mother discovers she is pregnant), the danger really sets in.
The fetus faces three possibilities namely, miscarriage, abortion or pregnancy - leading to life.



Abortion by the pharmaceutical/medical/industrial complex has a high probability of being invoked. Abortion accounts for more human deaths this century than all other forms of violence combined, including all the great wars this century.7 In first world countries a person wishing to abort a fetus will be state assisted by the pharmaceutical/medical/industrial complex, whilst a person wishing to assist a fellow human suffering from cancer, by providing Vitamin B17 (Laetrile), will be arrested for “health fraud” (Vitamin B17 is a well proven agent in the arresting of some forms of cancer. The hand of Satan is unmistakable because:


For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the LORD. But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death. 8 (Proverbs 8:35-36 (KJV)).


From the above, God says “All those who hate God love death”. Guess who performs most of the abortions? The medical industry of course! They are trained at university to do it! An estimated 20 000 000 babies are murdered by doctors every year! Has the medical industry staged a mass protest? No, because it is part of Satan’s team effort in “seeking whom he may devour”.


Should the mother choose not to have an abortion she will enter the most horrendous form of “intensive care” invented by the medical industry. The medical industry has taken a God created process, namely birth, and has turned it into a lucrative mega-dollar industry. Women of all races, for thousands of years, have attended to the mostly traumatic and wonderful process of pregnancy and birthing, as ordained by God. No man, or woman can possibly understand all the complexities of the pregnancy and birth process. At least women experience childbirth. But what do women know (sic)? Doctor’s know best!


Home birthing can now be a criminal offence in some first world countries like Australia.40

The medical industry has legislated for the babies to be born inside the temples of Moloch (hospitals), where the proper sacrificial rites can be enforced and appropriate damage inflicted to ensure lucrative future customers for the medical industry. The reader will by now realise that a human is only useful to the medical industry if one is alive and sick. Neither dead nor well people are of any use to the medical industry, except for lucrative organ transplants, blood transfusions, skin grafts, bone marrow transplants and the like. This also accounts for the draconian, heroic efforts performed in life-saving technology of the medical industry. They are not driven by love, but by greed to save the goose that lays the golden eggs. The ideal status of a human for the pharmaceutical/medical/industrial complex, is for the human to remain in a limbo of being sick and alive.


During the pregnancy, the mother and fetus will be coerced to subject themselves to the following harrowing health insults:


Tests for the mother

-Blood pressure, high or low

-Blood sugar, high or low

-Urine proteins high

-Blood iron, high or low

-Urine immune activity


This battery of tests is designed to find something dangerously “abnormal” which will eventually lead to a prescription for automatic repeat “check ups”, probably a drug or more and maybe surgery.


Tests for the fetus

- Ultrasound Scans (useless, unreliable and dangerous)

- Ultrasound foetal Monitoring During Labour           (useless, unreliable and dangerous)

- AFP Tests (Alpha-fetoprotein) for    Down’s          Syndrome. (Highly suspect, unreliable, false results leads to abortions)

-  Chorionic Villus Sampling (for Down’s Syndrome. Unreliable and dangerous)

-  Amniocentesis (for Down’s Syndrome. Causes club foot and miscarriage)


These tests result in physical, electronic, x-ray (semi-magnetic) and vibrational damage to the fetus. The tests are also unreliable, resulting in both false-positive as well as false-negative results. The technology is complex and requires high levels of operational skill as well as maintenance skills, both of which regularly fail. But, the tests are lucrative and each test results in a financial transaction somewhere! The insisting doctor will often be found to have shares in the equipment or receive a “kick-back” incentive from the owners of the equipment.


These tests are simply forms of divination and prognostication, to “see” into the future gender and biochemical status of the child. The Scriptural implications of using these occultic methods were stated in chapter 1.


What could the motive be for a person to be persuaded to test for a Down’s Syndrome baby? It could only be for prognostication or for abortion! Nothing else.


What would God say about killing a Down’s Syndrome baby?


Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils, And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood. Thus were they defiled with their own works, and went a whoring with their own inventions. Therefore was the wrath of the LORD kindled against his people, insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance. And he gave them into the hand of the heathen; and they that hated them ruled over them.10 (Psalm 106:37-41. (KJV)).


The fetus, having survived this far (sort of), is then subjected to the doctor’s pedestrian insults related to nutrition.


God knows that bacteria (germs) flourish in iron rich environments. As designed in divine wisdom by God, pregnant women become anemic in order to reduce infection risk. Also, the expanded blood volume of the pregnant woman, which is a healthy sign23, results in diluted iron concentrations and low blood pressure. Doctor’s think otherwise, exactly the opposite to what God designed! Pregnant women are automatically placed on high iron supplements by doctor’s to “counteract” anemia. The result is a pregnant woman with typical toxicity caused by synthetic iron, namely constipation and vaginal infections, at the very least. More serious toxicity caused by iron is common, such as premature births and small-for-date babies.22 Medical industry vitamin supplements are abominable concoctions of wrong ratios and toxic additives. This of course presents a brand new opportunity to treat the victim with a plethora of medicines to counteract the constipation and infections, which poisons the fetus and mother even further, which presents a brand new opportunity to treat the victim with a plethora of medicines, etc! The mother and infant have entered the vicious spiraling vortex of medical “supervision” and “care”.


“Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”24. (1 Peter 5:8 (KJV))


The “devouring” is at it’s most disgusting when infants and the unborn are the targets.

“Body stripping” for organs, as well as the use of, and the sale of placentas to the cosmetics industry is big international business for the medical industry41. Brain damaged children are kept alive artificially41, awaiting the negotiations around the sale of the child’s organs. In the chain of command, the doctor can be likened as:

The highly trained medical professional is like an accessory to the vast pharmaceutical and health -care industries, as a stewardess is to a jet airliner and the aviation industry. ,




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The first 18 months


If the baby is still alive, it will be subjected to some of the worst chemical and health insults imaginable. These insults include synthetic, denatured formula milk, vaccinations and antibiotics. All three of these medical abominations cause life-long damage and are based on the false science described in chapter 5.


Formula milk contains too much iron and is guaranteed to cause bacterial infections. Mothers milk contains very little iron  and then in a different form. The devilish lie of the formula milk manufacturers is easy to expose – they claim to copy mothers milk – then why do they insist on adding something that is not in mothers milk? In their scientific wisdom they omit certain essential nutrients found in breast milk such as DHA (docosahexaoenioic acid) and other oils required for proper brain development. Maybe improving God’s work? Doctors had promoted formula milk for decades before they had to bow their “science” to the common sense of the people. The error was so obvious and glaring that it is at least one lie that was unsustainable.


Some of the implications of formula milk are:

Low immunity due to absence of breast milk antibodies.

Allergies due to intolerance to dairy, soya and grains.

Mucous forming leads to ear and digestive canal infections.

Permanent infections and constipation from iron overload.


Once the baby has developed serious infections from the use of formula milk, the doctor will automatically prescribe antibiotics. Most formula manufacturers are owned by the subsidiaries and nominees of the pharmaceutical/medical/industrial complex! The reader can contemplate the implications of the instance where the same agent is causing the problem (milk formula branch) and offering the solution (anti-biotic branch). To the ruthless servants of Mammon, this is considered “creative marketing”.


Antibiotic use by infants hold the following horrendous risks:

Massive increase in DNA mutation18 (meaning damage to inherited genes)


Hearing defects

Digestive ecology destruction (leading to maldigestion and malnutrition)

Resistant strains of germs (creating devilish super bugs in the infant patient)20

All types of diseases can then flow from these complications because most of the complications cause damage to the immunesystem.


The medical industry has created a veritable “self perpetuating” gold fountain. The only possible threat to this vicious and greed driven arrangement, develops if the customers die or, against all odds, become healthy.


Between the first day of birth and 72 months of age, the child is subjected to one of the most devastating immune insults imaginable, namely a barrage of vaccinations.


The pharmaceutical/medical/industrial complex must rank immunisation as one of the flagship deceptions they have foisted on humans. The deception could not have been developed without the evolution theory and Pasteur’s “germ” theory of disease. It is on this false foundation that vaccination and immunisation have been sold to gullible victims worldwide, including, and especially, third world countries.


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In order to understand how people could be duped into believing such treachery, the underlying rationale of vaccination and anti-biotics needs to be scrutinised in terms of various lies. The first lie is the germ theory lie.


The germ theory lie:

Perhaps the most successful lie of the medical industry is the “germ theory” of Pasteur. It is second only to the lie by Darwin’s followers. For the medical industry to instill fear of disease into patients, this abominable theory is essential. Once healthy patients realise that there is almost nothing to fear from germs, and that the “germ killing magic bullet” of the doctor is an illusion, the whole medical industry marketing paradigm falls apart. It is the germ theory, and the apparent early success of antibiotics, which have escalated the image of the medical industry from caring professionals, into glitzy high-tech wizards, as portrayed by their marketing hype.


For the germ theory to stand, a foundation of other lies has to be in place, or else the germ theory house of cards will collapse. These

other lies which are required are: the evolution theory or Darwinism, the “magic bullet” theory, and the “bad god” theory.


1. Neo-Darwinism is required because:

“The germ theory of disease developed during the gory phase of Darwinism, when the interplay between living things was regarded as a struggle for survival . . . This attitude moulded from the beginning the pattern of all the attempts at the control of microbial disease. It led to a kind of aggressive war against the microbes, aimed at their elimination from the sick individual and from the community. No place here for the biological concepts now prevailing in other fields of natural history . . . The view that some sort of biological equilibrium can be achieved between the microbes and their potential victims has not been popular among physicians and medical scientists”. --Professor René Dubos. Mirage of Health; 1960


This false idea is necessary because the “survival struggle” of the “evolution theory” requires germs to threaten humans, so that “natural selection” can take place, to “evolve” the human species.


2. The “magic bullet” theory is required because:

A medical industry doctor is required to administer the antibiotic which was known as a magic bullet in the early days of anti-biotics. The patient cannot perform self-treatment, or go to a natural healer or heal and protect themselves by other means. So the medical industry invented a terrible threat “out there” called “germs” who only they could detect and kill, and thus become “angels of light in white coats” which saved and protected humans against the invisible germs. Only a “licenced” doctor may administer the germ killing medicines, by law.


3. The “bad god” theory is required because: (paraphrasing Dr. Mendelsohn)

It states that the god who created these “bad”, disease causing germs, cannot possibly be a good god. So by joining the “new scientific” religion one can join forces with a “good” god whose medicines will kill the pesky germs of the old “bad” god. Voila, the God of creation is replaced with the god of science.


To make the complex deception more acceptable to medical students, a set of impressive scientific doctrines, called Koch’s postulates, had to be invented and propagated.

The doctrine states that: For a specific bacteria (or germ) to be the cause of a disease, it must:

1)   be found in every case of the disease,

2) not be found when the disease is not present,

3) be able to exist outside the tissues of the host; and

4)   produce the disease when the host is exposed to it.


The first of Koch's postulates is false since scientists now know that specific microorganisms are not found in each case of the disease. The second of Koch's postulates is false because germs are consistently found in the bodies of animals and people who show no signs of any disease The third postulate is false because many germs depend on animal or human organisms for their survival and cannot survive outside the tissues. Finally, the fourth postulate is false because studies indicate that many people will not contract a particular disease, even when thoroughly exposed to its ”disease germ”.


The obvious deception of the germ theory can be seen from the simple question: If germs caused disease, why is everyone who is exposed to the germs, not sick?


One of the most bizarre practices in the “medical germ circus” is the use of stethoscopes (heart beat meters) and blood pressure meters. One can observe all the every day draconian germ killing procedures employed in the medical settings such as the surgery, hospital, nursery and laboratories. Then one can puzzle about why the doctor’s never clean their official badges (stethoscope), which is visible around the collar or peeping from the white coat pocket. The doctor’s dog has probably been slavering on the stethoscope in the back of the doctor’s Mercedes. The stethoscope is carried from one sick patient to the next, to the cafeteria, toilet, the car and home. If there are dangerous germs, this is where they will be, in a grand assortment. The same goes for the blood pressure meters toted from one patient to the next. If germs were mobile, these would be their ideal vehicles. The reason why this anomaly exists is because of the “infallibility” of the “angel of light” – namely that all these horrible germs can only exist on other people, not on doctor’s, or their car, children, dog, stethoscope, etc. Medical staff, who have the greatest exposure to germs, do not suffer exceptionally high infection rates, proving once more that germs do not cause disease.


Yet this patently false dogma is taught to medical industry students around the world. When a person dedicates their life to the work of Satan (for instance the hippocratic oath), then Scripture states that, in the latter days:


But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.42 (2 Timothy 3:13. (KJV)).


Included in the manufacture of vaccines are: Carcinogens (cancer agents) and toxic substances such as germs, aluminum (a neuro-toxin), live viruses, Thimerosal (a Mercury derivative), bacteria, formaldehyde (a major component of embalming fluid), animal RNA and DNA, monkey kidneys, foreign proteins, calf serum, chick embryo, undetected animal viruses, all being squirted into a HEALTHY BABY.


The result is that millions of people are crippled, killed, damaged, impaired, maimed and deceived by the medical industry when immunisation is foisted on them. And it is sold to people worldwide although it is based on a completely false foundation.


There is a more sinister aspect to vaccination as well:

What happens next, once this foul concoction - live viruses, bacteria, toxic substances, and diseased animal matter - is created? This witch's brew is forced into the healthy child.


Satanic Rituals:


Dr. Robert Mendelsohn often criticized modern medicine for its sanctimonious doctrine. He argued that "doctors are the priests who dispense holy water in the form of inoculations" to ritually initiate our loyalty into the larger medical industry. Dr Richard Moskowitz agrees: "Vaccines have become sacraments of our faith in biotechnology. Their efficacy and safety are widely seen as self-evident and needing no further proof."


Others see a link between vaccinations and Satanic rituals or witchcraft, where animals are sacrificed and their organs brewed in a hellish concoction of horrid substances : voodoo medicine by 20th century mad scientists. Sadly, our children are their unwilling subjects as society is slowly devoured by their insatiable appetite for human experimentation.


Children can be vaccinated with up to 36 different vaccinations during their first 60 months.


Science indeed! It is the science of Satan, no less.

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