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Meaning of dreams


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I had a strange dream today. I was a time traveler. I can't remember much but I always said Tulga is a stupid name. Never heard that name in my life.

So I searched Tulga and I found this.



I guess I was Tulga or I lived in that time before. 






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Concerning the name of this thread .... I had a dream last night (I dream all night every night but this one was about dreams) and in that I was having a discussion about dreams and was given this (for what it is worth):


Dreams are images.

The WHOLE of the dream (and it can be in parts) are a single image.

Dreams do NOT use any spoken/written language ....... They are circular images.


In a physical form, we consider 'Time' as important but in dreams it is only the 'Image' of the 'Whole' narrative which is shown and thus important.

So what we are given ....... in dreams, is a complete image (I cannot stress this enough .... that words are nothing, it is the complete image of the total dream which is outside of a limitation of a progression of what we consider 'Time').


How to show this?


Bubbles are dreams and 2 dimensional circles are physical existence.

If you put 24 individual periods of 'Time' (thus a day spilt into hours) into 'Physical life'  .... consider it as a linear rectangle only moving in one single direction?

Put the same 24 individual periods of 'Time' into a dream ....... and you have all the 'Images in a single bubble' of each period BUT they are NOT in a single plane of movement. They are all there but they flow between each part of them ....... They 'Live' as potentials and interact with you as 'Possibilities' ....... They are interacting with each other period and changing the 'Image'.

It is a 'Flow' ....... decided by you ....... by your action or inaction ....... Your beliefs about Your current 'Reading' of this small ....... life.



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