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Where is your God?


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7 hours ago, pi3141 said:

I think if you view this life or reality as Hell then the Satanists and Anti Christs have won your mind over.

I am sorry to hear about your childhood and suicide attempt. I am pleased you have found your path to God and this works for you. My belief this is hell is based on observation and personal experience of this world. There is an insect that's whole life cycle is about burying into a child's eyes to leave them blind. I don't believe God would have designed such a thing. I am not saying there is not good here but its a realm of evil where bad acts are rewarded and good people suffer. It's an inverted world, hell. And the way out is to change oneself inwardly to reject the evil that surrounds us and follow in the teachings of Jesus. 


God Bless  

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On 2/16/2021 at 2:31 AM, Michi713 said:

Well satan is hidden in plain sight.  Based on the motives and actions of humanity, we are more beholden to him.  


Why should God reveal Himself to those who don’t even acknowledge Him as their own? 


You can just as soon ask, “Where is Science?  Where is Reason?  Logic?”  For a great many humans have put their faith in those not in God.  

I can give you a stack of books that prove humans are not rational creatures, and in many cases, lack basic common sense.  


If people didn’t operate on manufactured, popular consensus and prejudice they would read, abide by, and hold themselves accountable to God’s laws.  They provide the most rational, sane way for us to exist on this cursed planet.  


Because repentance offends the proud, discontent outweighs gratitude, and subordination to anything but ones own desires repulses those who want to “do what thou wilt,” here you have the world we live in. 


Because humanity has rejected God, His laws, and His Son, He is not here.  He gave us (humanity) a choice, a chance.  And we squandered it. 


The real inconvenient truth is “the wages of sin is death” Romans 6:23.

We have been given a path to overcome the world and way out of the trap of death, despite our sins, by Jesus’ example and sacrifice, but we don’t want it!  


There’s too much good shit on TV.  The candy bar tastes really chocolaty, and why read any book when it’s easier to just google it. 


If one is honest in his desire to find God, seek Him out through studying His word and appealing to Him in prayer. 

Hi Michi713,


If by "God" you mean evil demonic entity knows as yahweh, trust me, we are better of without it. If by "Gods word" you mean bible, the book of evil, again, we are better of without finding him there.


Now, if you wish to find a true Creator, The Father of our Spirits, you have far more chance to find him in nature, in your heart and in your mind, than in the books and building of evil that came from abrahamic faiths.


The one you refer to as "God" is exactly the one who rules this world, the devil. That is the biggest trick he ever pulled on gullible people of this planet, he fooled you to worship him as god.


Instead of persuading people to put their trust and faith into religions of evil, by reading books of evil and praying to dark, malevolent entities, you should try persuading people to work on themselves, to better themselves, and to find the Spark of Divine that is in every one of us.


Kind regards.

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