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Freemasons Facing Declining Membership

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Nonsense. Nowadays most corporate buildings in the big cities have their own Masonic lodges built in.


There is no need for them to attend a dedicated Masonic temple.....


There are more Freemasons now than ever before........ they are everywhere....my own profession: teaching is riddled with them.....


And that wouldn't have been the case twenty or thirty years ago.


They have full spectrum dominance across all professions and in all positions of power and influence. The police, judiciary, education, media, politics, military and the security services.


Anyone who is trying to tell you Freemasonry is in decline either doesn't know what they're talking about or is part of a disinformation campaign.



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Sure membership is declining ... Freemasonry was fashionable and powerful 100years ago . To get a chance at political office or becoming a judge you have to be one ... Things are constantly changing , now mysticism is of no interest to the high flyers . But this makes no difference to the control structure , other groups and cliques have taken over freemasonries role ... So if you are in banking for example , and rising to the top , you will be invited to "parties" where children are tortured raped and killed , if you go along with that , you rise even higher in your profession  . This is what it's all about finding the people who they can corrupt..



The story of a Dutch banker  invited to such parties 


100 years ago you would have to have been a freemason to be at the level in banking that Bernard was .. now banking  let everyone in , the best are promoted and finally  "tested" by how they react to witnessing human sacrifice to see if they are suitable for higher promotion  .... Bernard was never "illuminati" , an outsider who was good at his profession. 

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I would say that the occult in general is growing including all the quasi-masonic offshoot groups


I think that most people don't really understand what satanism is but mark passio gives an explanation of the four pillars of satanism at 2 hours and 53 minutes in this clip:



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On 2/16/2021 at 11:41 PM, Iain said:

Freemasonry in Ireland is currently on the increase, 25,000 members last year. An increase from 22000 3/4 years ago, and the membership is younger


This seems far more likely. When I was doing teacher training there was a group of Masons including the lead trainer and nearly the whole English staff at one of the schools I trained at who were trying to get me to join the Masons. They even threatened to fail me if I didn't join. I still refused to join and as a result had to do an extra placement elsewhere to finally complete the course.  


These were young teachers too. If teaching is absolutely stuffed with Masons then it is obvious that all the professions are.






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