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Escaping the Kerala Brethren

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The popular culture of this world is ruled by total c***s.

The miserable alcoholics who ... are the journalists of the world, they make A hate B and B hate C ... until everyone hates everyone.

This assholes channel is full of assholes.

Okay so you don't like Buddha Sikhism Christianity and you transgender and free now

Okay no problem.

Cut off your breasts and jump for joy?

Move to Canada ... you can do whatever you like ... and all your new free beliefs will be taught o your children too.

That's what you want right.


Human beings don't deserve anything at all other than what they get.

They give it to themselves, this whole shit world, is exactly the world they deserve.

They do not deserve anything else, and they do not get anything else as their hearts are dark and insincere.


And any honest person who has an honest life ... is never ever going to be popular, people hate that shit.


There is no explanation for the problems of this world, because this world hasn't got any problems, actually.



Tell Me More About It

There are so many channels like this on the goddam internet.

Tell me ... how much you hate Christianity?  How much you hate your wife?  How much you hate the Government?

Patriarchy, Capitalism?

The chef in the restaurant, or your sofa?

You hate this, and you hate that.

Let's do an interview.


These people are dark inside.

All they do is teach each other more darkness.

What the hell is wrong with this society.

And out of everybody on the planet the epicentre if you ask me is right here in Britain.

Miserable Britain the most controlled brainwashed BBC mindless rainbow nobody ex-Empire ex-everything.



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1 hour ago, rideforever said:

And out of everybody on the planet the epicentre if you ask me is right here in Britain.

I used to wonder why I never heard, even from the most derelict people I’ve known, some of the things I’ve heard on this forum.  They just wouldn’t go there.  


I was thinking about the population decline in Europe and the possible forces behind it.  The values from the French Revolution that spread all over Europe may be correlated to the aging population problem.  Atheism may be the poisoned waters that are choking the life out of those beautiful countries.  


“They seek to break down the restraints of the law of God and promise men liberty through transgression of its precepts.  Reproof of sin still arouses the spirit of hatred and resistance.  When God’s messages of warning are brought to the conscience, men justify themselves and seek the sympathy of others in their course of sin.  Instead of correcting their errors, they excite indignation against the reprover, as if he were the cause of difficulty.”  

- Ellen White, 1858


This used to be my m.o. as well, as it seems to be for many.

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