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Klaus Schwab

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You guys have all your terms mixed up. Need to stop watching that (((Talmud Vision))) completely, just throw it out the window or if you already have, you need to decondition further from all the propaganda still around you.  Schwab is a member of the Rothschild family. Hitler actually seized and dissolved the Rothschild bank in Germany and went off the International Banking System and the Gold Standard simultaneously. They're exact opposites in almost every way. Fascism and National Socialism were hugely popular Nationalistic movements that were only "tyrannical" against the 2% of Nation-Wreckers and Communists in those countries. The Covid-19 PsyOp, on the other hand, is a directly bankster-funded tyranny against 100% of the entire world's population through every media outlet and government owned by them, which by the way, is every last government in the world, since every last one is Central Banked and tied to the usurocracy of the IMF and BIS. 



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