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Covid: We could live with virus 'like we do flu' by end of year, says Hancock


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And Its Here To Stay: Flare-ups with occasional local lockdowns, permanent tier system and Air Port style security everywhere. The pieces are being put in place. Slowly, slowly, catchy Monkey.



Uggh, what a nob, just look at him. One thing Politicians have in common, I wouldn't want to fuck any of them.


Vaccines and treatments could mean that - by the end of the year - Covid-19 is an illness we can live with "like we do flu", Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said. He told the Daily Telegraph he hoped new drugs arriving by the end of 2021 could make Covid a "treatable disease".


The drugs - and vaccines - represent "our way out to freedom", he said.


Mr Hancock said he hoped all UK adults could be offered the vaccine "a bit before" September. Although more than 14 million people have been given a first vaccine dose, the health secretary said new treatments were also necessary for a "small number" of people who may not be protected by the vaccine. Antibody treatments are being trialled as an alternative to vaccines for people with impaired immune systems. Over-70s urged to get vaccine as UK nears target Jab trialled for people who cannot be vaccinated

Arthritis drug 'a life-saver' for Covid patients "I hope that Covid-19 will become a treatable disease by the end of the year," Mr Hancock told the Telegraph.


He said the new treatments will play an important role in "turning Covid from a pandemic that affects all of our lives into another illness that we have to live with, like we do flu. That's where we need to get Covid to over the months to come". Graph showing number of patients in hospital in UK Graph showing number of people vaccinated in the UK.


In addition to the new treatments, Mr Hancock said living with Covid safely would depend on the vaccines:

reducing the number of people admitted to hospital with Covid-19
bringing down the number of deaths cutting transmission of the virus "If Covid-19 ends up like flu, so we live our normal lives and we mitigate through vaccines and treatments, then we can get on with everything again," the health secretary said.


Mr Hancock's comments suggest he is ruling out a "zero Covid" strategy, aimed at eliminating the virus entirely from the UK.

Former cabinet minister Damian Green MP told BBC Newsnight: "Zero Covid is probably a mirage. It is going to be with us, we are going to have to live with it."


But Mr Green said by vaccinating a large part of the population, particularly those most at risk, and approving new treatments, we can "slowly, gradually, cautiously open up with the confidence that we are not going to have to lock down again".


Conservative MP David Davis told BBC Radio 4 Today: "There will come a point where there will be a death rate from Covid but it's at a normal level and then we have to cope "Obviously we try to prevent it, but we accept it, I think, we have to."



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Always tomorrow. Things will get better tomorrow. First it two weeks to flaten the curve, then it was just one more lockdown, then we're told the vaccine is our 'way out'. Now we'll just have to live with it, probably by year end. They'll keep stringing us along indefinately at this rate until they can implement their 'Great Reset'.
Puts me in mind of this quote from Macbeth. Especially as it's a tale told by an idiot (Hancock).
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
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I actually think it's possible that with all the organisations and science and governments etc that are involved in this whole Covid situation, that it is possible that in all this chaos we have created the illusion of a pandemic through the manipulation of information at certain points within those systems, where doing so at the right time in the right way has created the illusion of not only a pandemic but one as severe as we are experiencing.


I honestly think that with our hierarchical, compartmentalized system of government, that it would be possible to create such an illusion and without the knowledge of those around it due to Its compartmentalization thus allowing bad information to be passed on without the ability to check it, as in error correction for no one compartment has knowledge of others to compare and thus judge the validity of such information.


The hierarchy, like s pyramid scheme, passes information in two ways. One, orders go down the hierarchy, hence 'subordinate' and information (from which orders are made) is sent upwards thus only the top has both all the information and the agility to judge its validity and make orders.


However, as the top trusts the information it receives, on which it bases its decis and the bottom can't judge information for error correction, if one is to insert certain types of information at certain points in the hierarchy (being a meta-heirarchy, a hierarchy of heirarchies and thus even more complicated and susceptible to errors), one could (with foreknowledge of the entire system) create the illusion of a pandemic, alter the science, effect the media, change public opinion and so on and so forth.


As complicated as the the entire system is, with enough people in the correct positions ready to act at the same time and exposing the same vulnerabilities, one could create the systemic reaction to a pandemic and the people will follow suite.


It's essentially a house blowing down and then the storm is created. With all the evidence of a virus the pandemic was created. With all the evidence of an illness a disease was created. But all in all we are just naming things that already existed as the virus.


All deaths are Covid, all Flu (although its disappeared) is Covid, all respiratory diseases are Covid. All PCR tests (when cycled long enough) will be positive for Covid.


Covid, Covid, Covid, I'm sick of bloody Covid.....Fuck Covid, what!



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All deaths are Covid, all Flu (although its disappeared) is Covid, all respiratory diseases are Covid.


Yep they can create the illusion of a pandemic by designating a proportion of deaths, especially those from respiratory failure, as Covid.


I just watched Season 1 of Utopia (UK version, great show). This clip about SARS is pertinent (starts around 4mins mark).



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Its no secret that in America, their Hospitals have a financial incentive to diagnose patients with Covid. A respirator, a Covid ward, a PCR test etc all requires more money and when insurance will pay for it the medical industry are shamelessly greedy. From hiking medicine prices because Obama Care will pay for it (from taxes) to the same company (Purdu) investing in Narcan (Opioid Antidote) that created the Opioid epidemic in the first place by compounding high dose Opioids and then pushing them with far worse Godless greed and contempt than any street drug dealer could.

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How could COVID as it was forged ever become 'an illness we can live with like we do with flu’ ?... ‘flu’ was claimed to make more and more victims every winter until the whole last one where we suddenly could no longer hear A SINGLE WORD ABOUT IT from the media, which is one more evidence all that never made the least sense…


Do they call ‘living with a disease’ having to wear a mask and take 2 or 6 shots a year to get ‘vaccinated’ against it and its never ending ‘mutations’ ?... I guess it’s what people are now expected to assume ‘life’ is until half of them die by it and the survivors get infertile over several generations, because it's the plan isn't it ?


Something we might start wondering about : is the West's nuclear power still in the hands of sane leaders ?



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Be fooled the Prime Minister is of the House of Commons ie 'commoners' the Lords Rule Parliament under the Queen. The Prime Minister's party do all the work yet it must be checked by their Lords and if needs be the Lords are cheked by the Queen but all things running smoothly it should appear that the Prime Minister and Party of the Commons are running the country.


Truth is the day to day work of government can usually be entrusted into the hands of the Commons however the illusion is that those the commoners voted for are running the enture Country, a fact known to be false when three IMF agents visit Margaret Thatcher following her Privatisation and moments later a meeting with the Queen preceded her resignation.

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