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I think this guy needs his own thread....Paul Anthony Wallis.

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I've been following this guys videos for some time now . Sorry if he has already been mentioned before.


I love the way he breaks down all religion and connects it to the ET stuff. He was heavily involved in the church for years. He really makes it very easy to understand and is VERY knowledged in all topics regarding ancient Mesopotamia and ET existence. He has 2 books out now and I haven't got around to reading either yet. Hope you all enjoy......



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Just watched that Brad ...24 mins long .... he's pretty good IMHO .... Got most of the basics , ET intervention going back 10's thousands of years . They were not here to help , but rule over us , the ET "kings" lived thousands of years , used us as slaves , down graded us ..


Paul gets his understanding from researching biblical texts and other ancient manuscripts , so has only half the story ... Does not get that these same ET's are manipulating us NOW from the shadows using human helpers (the Cabal) , and engineer important world events , like covid. 


Only Karl Mollison has the whole picture and answers all riddles ..

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