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I'm Not Anti Vax,I'm Pro Informed Choice

Foggy Dewhurst

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I take pills for headaches or joint pain.

I wouldn't take cyanide or lsd.

Does that make me Anti Pill?


"My body,my choice" is the cry made to justify abortions...but not for injecting unknown untested substances into the body;an irreversible act which is in full speed mode before it becomes public how much harm it is doing.


In normal times,this would end with the cry of "We didn't know.The scientists made mistakes....lessons have been learned"


It is hard for people to make an informed choice if they only hear one side of an arguement,the opposing voices being silenced,vilified or meeting with unfortunate consequences (Pcr inventor/Whistleblowing Activists).


The list of uninformed (nascient,they did no research),misinformed and disinformed (gov ministers,msm bankrolled by B&M Gates Foundation) grows ever longer.


Tiffany Dover (the fainting nurse)

Hank Aaron (Sporting Icon)

Larry King (News Broadcaster)

Captain Tom (Useful Icon)

Plus many unknown,uncounted ordinary too-trusting decent folk who only believe something if "it was on the telly!"


All opposing views silenced.

Not suspicious at all.

"Nothing to see here,folks!"








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