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Varients vs Strain, Whats the Difference


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We've all been hearing about these new variants and yet despite my limited yet as events require of those with interest also growing knowledge of biology and virology, I have been unable remember exactly what a varient was compared to a strain. I sense f***ery at play. As we know when something small is changed in the matrix it is never inconsequential as we know language taken for granted can land you in a heap of legal ignorance.


Expert reaction to the new variant of SARS-CoV-2


Prof Ian Jones, Professor of Virology, University of Reading, said:


The changes in the SARS-CoV-2 sequence are variants not strains.  The virus exists as a cloud of variants known as quasispecies and individual viruses are selected at the time of infection, much like lottery balls.  When the virus multiplies it regenerates extensive variation but retains a relatedness to the original infecting virus.


It is this relatedness that has been noted and given rise to the concern that a “new strain” is emerging.  In my view this is unlikely for several reasons.


First, a new strain cannot come to predominate unless it provides some advantage to the virus and none has so far been reported.  Second, an adventitious variant is most likely to arise in the parts of the world where infection is rampant, not the UK.  Third, the previous reports of emerging variants, D614G, N439K and the “mink” virus have not translated into a new “strain” so it is unlikely the SE England variant will behave differently.


Virus tracking is important but the reassuring conclusion so far is that the variation observed is largely “noise in the machine” which, as the vaccine protection data has shown, does not mean that current approaches to prevention need to be modified.”


Full Article:


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I've found some more varients of Covid. These are however slightly different from strains of Covid and now come in the form of versions:

  • Covid 95
  • Covid NT
  • Covid Millennium Edition
  • Covid 8.1

Many of you will remember the outbreak of Covid 3.11 in the early 90's, however many people where still incompatible with its germware.


Later versions of Covid have been found to be more contagious through wifi and its recommended that you wear a McAfee Mask until a vaccine can be uploaded.


Beware the virus is constantly updating itself and we believe we may now have to live with new versions.


"We apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused to your life and we hope to resume the normal functioning of reality as soon as possible".

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