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The NHS : Medical Idiots and Frauds


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You are not going to believe this, but the dad of a friend of mine was told a month ago that he was dying of terminal prostrate cancer and had about 3 months to live, he's about 80 or so.

Anyway he went in again this week and was told that they'd made a mistake and he hadn't got cancer at all.

For fuck sake.

These NHS people are fucking insane.

They should go to prison for this shit.

They made their fucking "diagnosis" by a couple of blood tests that were high .... and a little superificial examination ...and that's it ... on the basis of superificial investigation they tell someone they are about to die ?

What the fk.


Dangerous dangerous morons work in the NHS. 

They have nothing to do with the NHS of the past.


It says that you shall no a man by the fruit of his work ... and dancing rainbow clapping miserable fkwits ... that's who they are, on the inside.

The whole thing is a joke.


You are better off learning qigong which I did a few years back.  

Books by Vernon Coleman:




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