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Simulation Theory


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Well thanks for not leaving me hanging there JayneDough,  but again it was for me fleeting. Had a quick scan of that link, but if the link tittle is anything to go by this is not me, I am a master of nothing especially my emotions! And as for returning to the source well this is where the big blur shit storm appears. Just what do you choose to believe? (Generalisation- not you specifially). Its not until you face abject terror, or are near broken that you can become more then you were, its beautifully romantic to think your gonna meditate your way into a higher you. Sadly to me this would appear just another stem of delusion. In all the mystics bannging on about blah blah blah, any of them jus turned to pure energy and left a record! Nope The true nature of reality the actual brutality of it would appear to be to dam scary for humans to except or understand and this is tragic for our species you just have to look at the pure cognitive disanonce around the renaming of the seasonal flu.

People turning on each other over wearing a mask! How long have humans been on this planet?

There is a crack forming straight down the middle of society and someone or something somewhere is just like McDonald's... I'm lovin it. 


Maybe I've gone off topic, best get back under my rock I think.

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On 2/8/2021 at 12:54 PM, JayneDough said:

@rideforever  If you have any experiences or ideas that might support the simulation theory then please include those because at this point I really don't understand what you are even talking about....I have quite a few personal life experiences that pre-date y2k so not sure what you mean with the 2000 reference.  The 90's must have been a major simulation error decade lol. When the Matrix came out, I had already previously thought the world was weird and nonsensical.


I have seen lots of first hand evidence that we live in a simulation. Things disappearing or appearing. Scenes changing. Friends and family changing or not remembering past events when they get a new operator or program. I’ve experienced gangstalking that was so exaggerated it could not have been anything but sims following me everywhere. 

Being in a simulation is not a new state for us. Look back to Plato’s analogy of The Cave. He knew it was simulation way back then before people had a concept of what that was. 

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