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9/11 Predictive programming through the 70s,80s,90s in art & media


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A well presented look at 9/11 Predictive programming through the 70s,80s,90s in comic books, kids cartoons & the media. There's been a lot of discussion on this, eg The Simpsons etc but there's WAY more here that I've never heard of. If you're not awake now, it's too late 




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Okay some of these look like they are a stretch. Also I would like to know what the context is of the WWF/WWM. But yes the fact is that yeah you can go without the whole Illuminati thing with the fact that Government was actually using planes to attack the Russians.


In Afghanistan we were basically training the Jihadist to fly planes into Russian Buildings. A professor at my church told me about this. I could get articles about it if you like.


Basically we caused multiple 9/11 style events in the Soviet Union. It is possible the Government was basically waiting for a revenge act by the Soviets and it evolved into what you called "Predictive Programing" when they realized that they realized that in order to keep the Cold War going so that the huge military budget that some deals were made with the Israeli, Saudi and Pakistani Governments to use terrorism done by Mercenary Outfits (I believe Osama and Al-Qaeda were Mercs).


By the way that would explain why Mohamed Atta was in Florida due to I myself read Mercenary Mag in a Doctors Office about how Miami is a hub for them.


Of course let me guess your not interested in my Theories are you? 

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This video gives the definition of predictive programming as ... " acquainting the public with societal changes to be implemented by TPTB"  ... 


A better example of PP would be Gates telling us 5 years ago " get ready for a plague"  ... this does prepare the public gets them mentally familiar with the idea , and expecting it ....


The examples shown in the video do not prepare the public for societal changes  ... images of the towers being eaten by the cookie monster ... Some instances,  perhaps show a foreknowledge or premonition of the event. 


According to KM , much of this is creative people in the media having an unconscious  premonition of this possible future event .... A few  are examples of Cabal insiders using media to rub our noses in it , show us they knew it was coming , because they planned it  .... 





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It's co-ordinated below the surface. Time, linear time, is illusury. This "world" is itself an illusion. It's all in the mind, a mind dominated by untruth, the artificial mind, separated collective consciousness, what are the primary/fundamental thought/ideas humans hold collectively? Certain "base thoughts", premises, or principles? Widely accepted,,,dominant? The mind conjures up a virtual reality(dream) according to the operating system(of belief) accepted as "true", "real", and "desireable", what people are missing is that all the garbage within their own minds(subconscious) that is being expressed "externally", is where the "cause" is.

What is "The Matrix"? How does "it" function? Consciousness(life, energy, ideas) allocated, given to an artificial mind(construct within the dream).


This "world" is the definition of a "mind-fuck".


The supposed events witnessed/experienced externally seem to validate the beliefs that are the source/cause, so there is a feedback loop of bullshit. The evil ones and the false god that possesses them know how to exploit that. Ego. EgoMatrix. Little egos connected to the larger. Psychic, wavelength connection.

It mimics and copies our Divine connectedness, it warps and distorts everything, it takes credit for the Divine not of this "world", stealing life/energy like a parasite.

Basically co-creating with the ego results in miscreation. It's not real and it's time is limited. It's only good for perceiving/experiencing limitation and garbage.

It is the opposite of Real Self, GOD, and Creation--Reality.

The Truth is the only way out. Infinite Love Is the Only Truth.

Anything else is fantasy, illusion, nothing and nowhere.

Fear, guilt, and false-judgements is the religion of antiChrist.


An illustration


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Star wars 4, was the fine example of it.


A man who lives in a cave, comes out of nowhere, and blows up the empires main building.


911, was essentially the story of star wars 4, a new hope.


I believe that while william cooper worked for american navy intel, back in start of 1970s he read about such a thing as 911 planned, and thats why he was warning before 911 about something happening with bin laden.


Even though i first heard of william cooper in 2004 or so, you have his back catalogue of shows, to show that he knew alot.

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just been listening to Preston Gibbs and of course the big name at the moment Jason Breshears


all this prediction could be , as through simulation theory, the modern rune stones being thrown/bone throwing or the sage with the holly stick (hollywood) , tapping into the simulation and being given images of the future.


the simulation theory fits beautifully into predictive theory


the other consideration , that i read about a while ago, is that the credited writers are not exactly THE writers of these programs and films. The matrix controversy (multiple writers claiming their story was stolen, mixed together and the Wackowskis were named as writers) suggests to me that the modern rune stones/bones are actual scripts cut up and thrown together .. with the key themes appearing due to the simulation.


(remember Tony Blair cutting up speeches, mixing around the cut up pieces and recovering key phrases which were hynotising. Rune stone thowing, bone throwing)


what i am ultimately saying is the witchcraft of yesteryear is alive and well. Its a tapping into the simulation that has a method.


n.b i dont think the physical earth, the real is a simulation. Its the world, imo, that is the simulation that is on its own trajectory. We are unable to control the world, it is an entity in and of itself.


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Either someone high up in the world of commissioning tv programmes has been rubbing the predictive programming in our faces for years,or it is all a big coincidence and nothing to see here,peons.


Recently uncovered examples include:


The first episode of the Young Ones in 1982 was broadcast in the UK on 9/11/82 (uk date system) and was titled "Demolition"


The storyline includes the Young Ones flat being selected by the Council for demolition....and as Rik straps himself on a crucifix to thwart the scheme an aeroplane is seen going off course and is apparently heading for them in the closing scene.Rik,incidentally somehow obtained a Hollywood movie,"Drop Dead Fred",and in a publicity interview the backdrop was the WTC buildings.


Many years later,shortly before his untimely demise, he was in the film "One By One" in which his character demonstrated how 911 was a "controlled demolition".


Next,In the 70s ITV series called  "Thriller",episodes include the usual 9:55 (911) on a clock face,there is a superfluous shot of a car number plate (ending 911) aimed from the ground to include the two chimneys on the roof,and one end credit shows a plane heading towards one of two tower blocks when it is eclipsed by the building.


Here's a question to ponder.Why does Basil have Faulty "Towers",when it is a two storey b&b(with twin chimneys)at most?Coincidentally  the aborted Fawlty Towers movie had a plotline concerning a hijacked plane.





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How about this one? Twin Towers?. Dream scene from the opening of the 1996 trilogy "Heroes and Villains" where Rodney has a nightmare dream about a dystopian future Peckham where it's become a police state.

Trotter Towers.jpg

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