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Split Society - Operation W.O.L.F


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Hi guy's.


With already being here on di.com, i'm sure that you do not need telling what we are facing or the level of fascism lingering over our heads.

There are whispers of seperating society & while i'm sure this will be an eventuality, we will fizzle out like even the brightest of embers.. because we can not sustain ourselves once independent from the cult.


To ensure that we have a realistic chance of fighting back against fascism we need a "Plan B".

I would like to propose to everyone here on di.com, that we create a group of team leaders under the instruction of David Icke himself.


The purpose of these team leaders would be to prepare for a societal split. 

The team leader's would use logistics to create secure communication networks, identify habitable and defendable land, gather knowledge on bushcraft,farming,metal working etc, and will guide any people in their local area to the meet up spot (in the event that the team leaders are needed).


David has been roaring like a lion awoke from his slumber for 30 years ! , and while he has opened the eyes of millions of people, i kindly ask David to be the driving force towards a facist free society.


Would you be willing to start a new society ?


If we fail to prepare.. we prepare to fail.




Full finished wolf logo.jpg

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