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Dr Andrew Kaufman vs Dr Judy Mikovits - 1st Virus Isolation Debate.

Gaz Mckean

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13 hours ago, Gaz Mckean said:


This is a really interesting video Gaz so thanks for sharing.


Although you could view Andrew Kaufman's questioning of Judy Mikovits as soon as she entered the conference as a bit of an ambush (she was clearly taken off guard), I do believe he was doing it for reasons of truth in order to get to the heart of the matter - whether a virus has ever been shown to cause disease. This is a core matter that has to be resolved before determining the trajectory other parts of the discussion should take.


In my view, Judy Mikovits - and 40 years of her work claiming to have isolated viruses including HIV - was truly exposed by Andrew Kaufman who came across as far more intelligent and accomplished. He remained calm, clinical and on point (whilst holding that amused and knowing smile that he has) whereas Judy Mikovits in comparison was defensive, failed to answer direct questions, changed the topic, started bringing credentials into the debate and frantically spouted long and complicated words which made no sense to anybody. Her behaviour was quite childish at times. It was quite amusing to see Andrew Kaufman then point out that, despite Judy Mikovits' insistence that they are in agreement, he didn't agree about this. 🤣 It was not long after this point that he was expunged from the debate...


In light of the way Judy Mikovits came across, you wonder if this is what the fields of microbiology and virology are all about. Putting together ever increasing long-winded and complicated theories to hide behind which, when scrutinised in the cold, hard light of day, actually are quite nonsensical and offer little logic and grounded practicality. I think the individuals who defend the dogma of such fields without question, whilst thinking they are very clever because of their use of complex words and theories combined with the credentials they obtain from repeating them, are actually not as bright as they might like to think.


So Andrew Kaufman - and with him the view that no virus has been isolated - definitely won this debate for me.

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Both could be true at the same time. Whilst we all bicker of germ theory v Terrain. They could both be true.  

The workings of a cell have not been disputed by any scientists as far as I am aware. Meaning MRNA will take control of the cells machinery using it as factory to produce anything the mRNA has encoded it to do. 

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Exactly right @Mitochondrial Eve

imo Judy Mikovits is controlled opposition.

Globalist parasites can't have ~100 years of  (unproven) viral hypothesis (note: not theory!) destroyed. 

The invisible boogyman is too valuable a resource to discard without which the consensus manipulation of public perception could not occur.

Pure scientism, pure superstition.

The method is replicated across media.

CO2 the invisible menace!

The prospect of hydrocarbon scarcity, the nexus argument of the parasite class! whereby complete control of reserves and output (data) is regulated again behind a façade of corporatism obscured from wider public perception. 

The landscape changes but the methodology remains the same.

Hide the truth and capitalise on the deception!


Dr Andrew Kaufman communicates lucidly without obfuscation.


Credentialed Mikovits meanders in convolutions and ultimately reinforces the prospect of the invisible menace.


H L Mencken  "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."


Systematic governance demonstrate centuries of expertise in these areas.


Indirect observation is no basis for a solid foundational hypothesis, rather it diametrically opposes specificity and creates the terrain for potential and actual systemic abuse as we now directly observe!



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