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Hi everyone, nice to have sane people to communicate with, in Denmark most people have been brainwashed, nevertheseless we are a strong group of intelligent people and freedom fighters, that fight legaly and with protests. I have never seen so much political dirt in my face, ever in my life.


Im looking for top solutions out of this, I believe that the best way to deal with this situation is through law, informed eksperts, doctors, lawyers, judges, and the firm presence of an awakened population - “For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind” - John 9:39


I would appreciate if you will share what you believe is the most effective information to awaken friends and colleges.


I like to share my best month is many months, my prime minister was legaly challenged big time for her tyranical measures - For lying to the Population saying she had the authorities support for the lockdown, for the totalitarian Epidemic Act, for killing all minks i Denmark with no authorization, she is also being sued for unconstitutional corona restrictions. The case overview against Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen - a resume can be found here https://docdro.id/UucO3JO


What I usually send to my skeptical friends - EVIDENCE OF PANDEMIC FRAUD FOR SKEPTICS

* 1- The case against the promoters of the corona panic - https://docdro.id/lB939tB
* 2- Documentation and refferences - https://docdro.id/K5XO8ao
* 3- List of Doctors and Experts for Truth about covid - https://docdro.id/P1Wf4oj


Legal cases agaisnt the promoters of the corona panic
* Bernician suing MPs for pandemic fraud, treason, and genocide - https://docdro.id/vSRX6sC
* Dolan agaist lockdown - https://docdro.id/1wfLouc
* Corbett against the corona law - https://docdro.id/lK0drvm


If you only had little time to change someones mind about this situation what would you do?


If you only had little time to change someones mind what would you do? If you could just say something, or send some few videos or documents to your friends that believe in the exagerated danger of corona, that the test is ok, that collateral damage is necesary, and vaccines are the way? How would you try to awake them?


Please feel free

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We're having to do with people enforcing the use of physical coercion against populations to impose a grossly patched-up and fake looking 'sanitary crisis', so it's nothing less than pure violence already… look at what breaking COVID rules and restrictions in public leads to once turning to 'rebellion', or look at what COVID 'tests' really are and how they're performed…


What I wonder is who could we turn to for legal support and action against the abusers in power all over the West ? Which local or global authority still has the least upper-hand on these criminal 'world organizations' and usurped 'authorities' ?


My guess and fear is that all those empowered in the West and whether they support it or not got overwhelmed since a while, they don't have the means to stop it anymore, and because of all what's been done to turn civilizations and nations against each others through mostly American media propaganda it's very doubtful that the Chinese or the Russian got left enough respect for the Westerner to care about the mess we got ourselves into… They keep pretending to apply 'COVID restrictions' out of diplomacy to keep the big business going but they don't care about the Westerners being psychologically and physically tortured by their own governments…


And if those we got to do with locally could be reasoned in any way then it wouldn't have gone as far as it went already… COVID 'tests' keep being performed with the same physical cruelty and they keep 'threatening' of getting whole populations vaccinated by next summer… You can't deal with such beings…


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Find an intelligent and honnest Supreme Court Judge. Why not reinstate Lord Sumption as Supreme Court Judge for the people, in a time of judicial corruption and civil rights emergency crissis.


Will you The People accept?

Will you Lord Sumption accept?

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Minks… I had skipped this one…



- The European Union is one of the world’s main sources of fur clothing, led by Denmark, Finland, Italy, Poland, Greece and the Netherlands. Exports are worth hundreds of millions of euros annually, according to the UN Contrade Database.

- Animal rights group Humane Society International - United Kingdom says China, Denmark and Poland are the largest mink producers globally, with 60 million killed annually for their fur.




I doubt they're animal rights groups doing it so it looks more like a covert big business operation under the false pretext of a 'pandemic'… If you add to it the general shutdown then it seems everything's done to destroy the European economy to the benefit of the new Asian first world power…


Might be all intended as a 'scorched earth' war strategy but I'd rather think of a betrayal and surrendering of Europe since treason is more in their 'traditions'… they've done enough already through civil unrests or 'illegal' immigration so that it make sense…



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I think sometimes people can sense if you are trying to change their mind about something, so they put up a psychological field, cos no one likes being "manipulated".


Perhaps make it a bit more light hearted, point out the absurdities little and often in a humorous off the cuff way. For example I was going out for my walk today, and there were big flashing sign in the street saying danger only 1 in 3 people have symptoms please go an get tested. 


Now you know, you could just point out to someone, eh does that look a bit funny to you? If this disease is so deadly why do so many not have any symptoms at all? ha ha ha........ no big deal, not trying to change anyone's mind.........


The other method I have seen with some success is the martyr method I will call it. There was a guy I used to follow on FB who had a big following and when this all started, he just changed persona, ,and just posted the most outrageous stuff to get a reaction, mainly challenging and targetting the maleness of the males. It was done in a very clever way and got a lot of folks angry but did seem to work - although he lost a lot of cyber friends.


I have to say personally I haven't had much success in convincing anyone who hasn't already  got an open and inquiring mind and is already slightly suspicious. 

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