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Why are we now seeing...’died with Covid’ all over MSM?


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To me it is obvious. Those responsible for this scam are starting to realise people (in far greater numbers) are questioning the test and deaths attributed to Covid. It is a clear back track from what we were reading only a few days ago where people were dying of covid.


I heard the funniest thing yet again on a msm radio station today. Apparently now if you have an illness that kills you but you also test positive for covid (yeah right), having covid in you could kill you a few days earlier than the illness might have! Talk Radio again! But I am guessing all MSM will start reporting along the same lines.




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Because is neither means 'by' or 'from'... it's just 'with COVID'......


They switched the same from 'global warming' to 'climate change' when it became clear it wasn't just a 'warming'... they 'learn' from the mankind.....


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BBC have been using 'coronavirus' on their graphs since October? What happened to Covid-19? The two got amalgamated, with the generic version being used more and more so they are technically not lying when talking about Coronavirus (I.e seasonal flu) deaths. Just like died 'with' rather than 'of'. A technicality that will get them off the hook later at the public enquiry. A public enquiry that will probably deliver the same justice as it did Tony Blair and with the WMD's. Exactly none.

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Covid is the 'boogeyman', a phantom disease that can easily be attributed to any death, based on if that person has 'tested positive'.


Its all part of the psychological warfare, its just a 'mind virus'.


Let me make up some of my own 'headlines'.


Man, 29, dies with Covid after falling from ladder and breaking neck


"My world" - tragic teen's death from Covid following park stabbing


Woman run over by bus dies with Covid hours after being admitted to hospital


"Don't be a stubborn fool like my dad, take the vaccine!" - daughter's grief after elderly father who refused to attend jab appointment dies with Covid after being admitted to hospital following a heart attack


Hospitals and care homes are the last places anyone wants to be right now, I fear...

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