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Isle Of Man Freeeeee ha ha


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Does anyone know what amplification the Isle Of Man were using and have been using recently for the PCR test? It would be interesting to know. Cannot find any information out there? Hardly surprising though! Do they test on the Isle Of Man or on the mainland? 


Call me cynical but I cannot help thinking the Isle Of Man is a set up for something down the line.

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I made a similar comment on the main COVID thread, I thought there was something odd about the "Lockdown ends" headline as soon as it appeared.


Perhaps a "carrot dangling" diversion tactic to stop people querying the "mutant strain" narrative that has miraculously appeared in a number of areas where there just happens to be high populations of old people, maybe a setup for something up their sleeve further down the line... we need to keep our eye on this one, it's definitely going to re-emerge in the news in some form or other in the next few weeks...

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