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CHINA Vs TAIWAN - china banging the drums of war - says Taiwan can NOT be an independant state.


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The problem for china, is there lack of history in real military conflict.


Yep they have the man power, as they can afford to lose loads, but they lack any sort of modern history of war experience.


When china does set that first step up, will be interesting.


America will not let them keep getting stronger and stronger, and as we saw with how america attacked china with covid19, america is not going to let china try and get ahead of the game on this.


Neither china or russia can afford, to allow america to put missiles essentially on there borders.

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Meh - China often says things like this regarding Taiwan


Note however that Taiwan never trys to claim its an independent country - and probably never will - Its current de facto independence and psuedo** recognition as a state but without pissing off the 500lb Gorrilla next door  suits it fine 




**No seat at UN, few countries officially recognise - yet unofficial embassies in most states 


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