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Earth Needs Fewer People to Beat the Climate Crisis, Scientists Say


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Just now, chud said:



It's all Western propaganda anyway, wherever we leave them alone most Africans feel well and happy as much 'poor' and outnumbered they may seem to us, and by the way many African countries now got sovereign governments and populations, so they picked China over all other candidates to exploit their lands and there must be a reason for it… China explained it through its propaganda saying it was a two-way agreement, while with most Europeans or Americans it was 'give & die'… our landlords can't put-up with the fact it's over and the 'good old days' are gone, that's why they're now torturing their own peoples as a 'relief'…



Africa is great, its peoples are mostly welcoming and helpful as much to their fellows as to the foreigner, so God bless the Chinese if they don't do like they predecessors but help Africa become a peaceful and wealthy nation… much like many South Americans these people don't need the artifices we need to feel well, because they're smart enough to live in SUSTAINABLE climates…



Look at what happened to the idiots of us : we got herded in towns between concrete walls for alleged 'security' and comfort just to end-up LOCKED DOWN inside and remotely tormented through TV or computer screens…








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One more bit of ugly Westerner propaganda… now let's read about what people think…


This is from public comments posted late 2018…


West has discovered too late that China has plan for Africa & world & they will try to demonise China as much as possible. The agenda for Africa by west was to keep Africa poor. With China’s influence African country’s are beginning to break away from poverty cycle because for 1st time exports are fetching reasonable price. Eg copper was $2,500 per ton in Anglo days in late 90s but shot to $8,000 when China started buying directly.[…]


A Freemason Anglo publication bent on destroying Zambia’s reputation in support of regime Change. It won’t work. The West ties it’s Aid to homosexuality and exploitation. How much have they given compared to China? Which of you fills their contact list with broke friends. With the little they give compared to China the U.K. and British Ambassadors have been talking over us like we are accountable to them. For all the Chinese have done we have never even heard their ambassador speak up against govt. true partners. When things are rough you want to talk to someone that can help you financially.[…]


The US is not happy with China taking over its mental colonies in Africa. It’s leading a propaganda machine against China. Most students here is mere scare mongering. Like:
A major worry of the IMF and US is that China’s BRI strategy is first to encourage indebtedness, and then to take over strategic national assets when debtors default on repayments.When did China ever do this? Let’s take a look at France’s age old slave policies on its ex-colonies why has the US remained silent but is loud about China?[…]


People must not be jealous of China, China is now building Africa. Critics which are coming from many are of illiterates and ignorance by nature. We never had development from the West never till to date. The west must the last to talk about Africa’s development.[…]





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