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Help please, cant find a specific video!


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Hi lovely people I really hope you can help me, I have looked through the old videos on this site and for no amount of effort can i find what i am looking for! The video was one guy discussing a meal he had with his family and a covid conversation which ensued. He explained quite clearly about something which isnt called this! But hopefully someone will know what i mean, about the center of biological understanding or something like that, the video explained that the vaccine there using, does the complete opposite in terms of RNA than what out body naturally does, saying that it goes against genetic codes of our natural self, any idea?? I would really appreciate it and wish i had saved it but i watch so much i forget! Thanks for your time! Keep shining.

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If you can provide more details it would make it easier to find. Was the video posted on davidicke.com website or this forum? Do you remember anything else like video thumbnail, the website it was uploaded to, video title, etc. anything else that could help.

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Hi metak88, unfortuntely I cannot recall anything bar its content mostly, and it was im sure uploaded to the website though. It was a guy who had a christams dinner with his family and his wife, all seemed to be professionals in there given fields, and the basic point was that DNA makes RNA in our own bodys functioning, but this vaccine did the exact opposite, so rna comes from dna, but rna never goes back into the dna, which is essentially what the vaccine did. I recall it was about the center of biology or genetics or something, but basically that fact has never been disputed in genetics/dna etc. Ive just got this feeling im not going to find it again im looking everywhere, but like ya say with so little to go on about the actual video. Such a shame because i was having a debate with someone and there whole point was the vaccine is doing something our body does naturally! And this guy explained it far better, i will keep searching, it only lasted about 20-30 mins or so. Thankyou x

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