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This all started with the end of WWI .... The armistice was signed at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month and ever since then on the same time every year people are quiet , hang their heads and think about death and war and the trenches ....


So the cabal chose this time and date to sign the armistice  very carefully , because they knew , with the coming advent of the digital age 11:11 would be the most striking and noticeable and all pervasive  number ...

digital clocks ... you never see 33:33 ...or 77:77 on a clock ....11:11 comes up twice a day .... and with dates too.... 11/11 is November the 11th ... you never get 22/22 of 88/88 


So the cabal want's this number in your head , because they have already associated it with  war and  death , and whenever you see it , these associations are unconsciously triggered in your mind  ...


Don't play their game , forget this number , it's death ...


Cabal turn up on 11 11 to keep the idea of war and sacrifice alive in your mind 



See that poppy above ? That was very carefully chosen too .... It represents a bullet wound ... the black entry hole with a splash of blood ... So the idiots put this poppy on themselves and become walking wounded . They're participating in a mass ritual to conjure up war and death , but the mind control is so strong they just don't see it ...lol  


It's very similar to Zombie walks . Millions participate in these every year ...  rituals to conjure corona zombie apocalypse !  

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