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hi. i think everybody is barking up the wrong tree when it comes to the mRNA vaccine. it just doesn´t make sense. if it were to be about the money THEY  could have jabbed any old concoction up our arm and say it was a covid vaxx, why go to the trouble of "inventing" a new vaccine that people would be suspicious of? if sth gets constantly  repeated on mainstream you need to listen up. since viruses have never been proved the vaxx can not be for health reasons. so what is it REALLY about? MY THEORY. : (sorry, no proof) i think by vaccinating us with genetically modified material THEY are creating the possibility to take out patenting on humans (just  like monsanto seeds). patents is where the money AND  the control is. when we have genetically modified material in us we firstly lose our lawful rights and we belong to the patent holder. you can´t patent  nature. it has to be modified!!!! why else would the WHOLE population have to get the vaccine? your thoughts?


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I've been interested in the theory of Cosmic Ancestry for years now. It's a competing theory to the neo-Darwinian paradigm of Evolution by Natural Selection.


The basic premise is that evolutionary change occurs in a large part due to lateral gene transfer between species. Novel genetic changes occur as genes are swapped between sometimes vastly different living organisms (e.g. bacterial genes to humans). The mechanism for this gene transfer is theorised to be viruses.


The genes in the mRNA vaccines (which are basically synthetic viruses) have a good chance of being incorporated into our DNA by reverse transcription. Why they would want do this and what the inserted genes actually code for is still impossible to guess at. However, they're basically trying to 'hack' our DNA for some reason.


More here: Cosmic Ancestry

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