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Community Champions to give COVID-19 vaccine advice and boost take up.


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This is fooking fruitcake. When they say these champs are going to help get in touch with 'hard to reach people', then they really mean they are going to harass those who haven't yet raised their arms for a jab. They can add to my emergency bog roll supply, via Royal Mail, all they want. Like fook am I going to take any of their phone calls though. On what authority are they accessing private telephone numbers held by G.P. surgeries anyway? Sounds like a Gestapo reboot to me. ūüėĄ I feel that my time left in the U.K. is now quite limited,¬† assuming I even make it out alive. Ha ha ha. ūüėĄ




'Funding will support extra school programmes, helplines and phone calls to those in at risk groups.'


'The Community Champions will tap into their local networks to provide advice about COVID-19 and the vaccines. Champions will also work with councils to identify barriers to accessing accurate information and to provide tailored support, such as phone calls for people who are digitally excluded, helplines, and linking to GP surgeries.'

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Sounds like something for your local busy-body.


The reality is that they can't force the average everyday person to accept the vaccine, as it's not practicable and there are real risks that this would entail.  It is not widely-known, but there are legitimate medical reasons for refusing a vaccine - de jure compulsion is a non-starter for that reason alone.  I myself have in the distant past been hospitalised with serious recurrent infections.  I could, quite legitimately, refuse the vaccine on the basis of compromised immunity, and in those circumstances, anybody - whether an employer or just some busy-body - who tried to coerce or impose the vaccine on me could land themselves in serious trouble.  No nurse or registered medical practitioner would dare administer the vaccine in that situation.  They would be at risk of a striking-off.


However, some groups are at risk from peer/social pressure and duress due to the situations they are in and being isolated and/or not being aware of their rights: elderly in care homes, prisoners, students and other people who attend institutions, employees and contractors who work for large corporate employers and weigh it up and decide to comply under pressure, etc. and so on.  In that sense, it will be mandatory, but not strictly compulsory.


These Community Champions are there to act as informal local influencers.  They will be mostly bossy, insolent women and are there to sure up your average housewife, who in turn will nag and pressure her husband to get the jab.  It's the 'thousand points of light' idea.  It knits in with the PCSOs, who tend to be the holier than thou tin pot tyrant types.  The Community Champion will have the PCSO's personal contact number.


They need 90% vaccine coverage, allowing for a churn of older teenagers.  That means duress, bullying and coercion will be necessary.  They won't mind if a few of us refuse the vaccine.  To an extent, dissidents like us serve their purposes.  I realise there's a possibility the whole thing has been a hoax from the beginning, but for the purpose of discussion, I am assuming the virus and illness are real and the issue here is that the whole thing has been hysterically exaggerated with vast infringements of civil liberties.

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