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Sunflower Lanyards


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I have concerns about the sunflower lanyards that a lot of people who identify as disabled are wearing now. My concerns are that the only other example which occurs to me when a specific group of people were asked to visually identify who and what they are was when the star of David was used in Nazi Germany.
I had problems in my local Tesco when I was asked to visually indicate, through the use of this lanyard, that I have a disability, and was told, more or less, that entry to the store was conditional on the wearing of either a mask or lanyard. Well, I decided to query this with Tesco head office and at first, the move was defended. However, after mentioning the Equality Act 2010, they did a u-turn, and here are the important parts of their response:
Customers who tell us they have an exemption will be allowed to enter the store without a face covering
Staff must not ask for the details of any exemption or for proof of exemption
Staff understand that it is not a requirement for exempt customers to have lanyards.
So, there you have it. Of course, I understand that some people will choose to wear them anyway, for reasons of placation, and I get that, but I do think that it's important to understand that this may have consequences further down the line. That being said, I am willing to admit that I may be misguided in making this comparison, and want to be. Either way, in Tesco, for the time being at least, no lanyard is necessary.
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