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Article 61 - witnesses'

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I've been hounding shoppers today to educate them on article 61 of the magna carta which gives us the right to enter into lawful dissent.


I'm really disappoined not only by those whom have never heard of magna carta, but those whom have never heard of article 61. After some explaining I managed to win over two shoppers whom have kindly offered to be witness of my article 61 oath - I not only informed them of the reasons behind article 61 being activated, but of their rights under it. I explained to them that it is in place to ensure violence is not used, and for us to disrupt the crown and its agents within the confines of common law and to remove our current tyranny. I have so far gained two signatories, just need one more signature and i'm ready to turn sides against the service corporation and its crown agents. Wish me luck.



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Mankind must never tolerate evil.

For first it is tolerated, then it is embraced.

Then hailed as being good...

Then it becomes unlawful to do what is actually good all by design...

Ignorance is the enemy.

Knowledge will be given for our world.




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