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5,000 Year Old Crystal Dagger

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Rare 5,000-year-old crystal dagger is uncovered in Prehistoric Iberian megalithic tomb that may have been used by a high-ranking person to gain 'magical powers'



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At the Bottom of that article was was this little snippet

"The remains were scattered throughout the site, along with grave goods including elephant tusks, jewelry, pots and one ostrich egg was also found.


Well one must conclude there was major trade routes to Central Africa 5000 years ago, Which is a very very very long walk to carry an Elephant tusks and osterich eggies for breakfast, unless they borrow their horses from the Eurasian Steppes which is even further away to walk. The mystery just got bigger or did they deliberatly over look those finds because the question it raises Screws up there civilisation time line.


Domestication of the horse


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