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COVID is the new religion

Grumpy Owl

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For thousands of years, religion has been used as a tool to keep control of the 'ignorant masses'.


Religion works by keeping its followers in a state of "fear", and only by following the words of preachers and religious leaders can one be 'saved' with the promise of everlasting life in 'heaven' after death.


COVID-19, as well as being a lethal and deadly disease with a 98% survival rate, has also developed into a new form of religion.


Many religions insist their followers follow certain rituals, be it the taking of bread and wine at communion, or taking off your shoes when entering a mosque for example.


The COVID religion stipulates that its followers wear a face covering at all times in public, use hand sanitiser after touching or handling anything, and keep a safe 2m distance from other people.


Many religions insist their followers regularly attend places of worship in order to pray and hear wise words quoted from scriptures by preachers or ministers of the church.


The COVID religion differs slightly here, in that it demands its followers remain in their homes to pray, and instead hear the wise words being preached by ministers of the government, and the scriptures read by newsreaders on the TV.


Many religions take a dim view of 'non-believers', or those who do not believe. For followers of some religions, it is their duty to try and persuade or 'convert' non-believers to follow their faith. This may be done by going door-to-door with propaganda leaflets and books. Or in some extreme cases, violent persuasion is used, using guns and terror tactics.


The COVID religion also takes a dim view of non-believers. Its followers will often try and persuade others to 'convert' using social media channels to spread propaganda, as well as psychological terror tactics, by trying to 'shame' others into complying with their beliefs.


Many religions are themselves founded on distorted truth, misinformation or downright lies. But the more its followers spread 'the word' the more the lie becomes accepted as the 'truth'. Anyone who tries to refute or expose the lies behind a religion becomes denounced as a 'blasphemer'. In some religions, blasphemy is punishable by death.


The COVID religion is also founded on lies and misinformation. And anyone who dares to speak out or against this religion is treated as a blasphemer. This modern blasphemy is punishable by having your social media accounts deleted, or being arrested and fined by the police.


The COVID religion has spread across the world in just over a year, and is in every country. No other religion has travelled across the world so quickly.


Some people will argue that most religions are just based on 'fairy tales'. Well, add COVID to that list.


Maybe more on this at: http://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2021/01/24/covid-is-the-new-religion/




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