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Religion And Covid Injection/Vaccine

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Simple FIRST question regarding vaccines:


As it is taught by your religion, what is the stance on being injected with DNA from a white male aborted foetus which is still used to produce several vaccines including hepatitisA, varicella and polio?




What would your God think of such an action allowed by you?


We can get to the GMO of the current shit in time oaeemqeo.gif.801c3866b9553a33ba7892cf16fef712.gif

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Just now, screamingeagle said:

well,church will speak the word of god....and guess what!!!!😁




Which religion are you stating for SE?


The pope states it is all good to have the injection but there have been some lower levels who produced letters against all the current shit.


I just want to know what the 'books' state about having different things injected into the body??

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10 minutes ago, Odie Hatzcats said:

Which religion are you stating for SE?

all of them....

they are all institution and you and i know to well who made them,control them and why....


there will always be "counter claim" but the decision making will always swing in the direction of the agenda


like "the goverment impose a lockdown"

and then "the cour declares lockdown unconstitutional"(it doesn't matter much,damage done,one step closer to the goal)

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