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How WOKE can you be? - COVID-19 and Climate Change are Racist and we should blame Racism for a driving factor for their existence - More War on Terror, Afghanistan to Iraq psychological games 🤔

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Just how WOKE can you be to even attempt to achieve the Holy Trinity arrangement of combining political protections afforded - imposed over collective society - minorities such as racism and hate crime, with both political agendas designed to totally reshape and transform society and political correctness to ensure a level of control is advanced by progressive liberals wanting to virtue signal their good deeds in full public view and condemn anyone who does not align themselves with the stringent governance of political correctness, denouncing them as being unprogressive and therefore backward. 
That way any opposition, or just anyone questioning and speaking out against your political models designed to reshape the world can be shutdown as being racist 😉 and the debate not even be had, as they’re also considered National Extremists, Domestic Terrorists and isolationists, so who would want to give them a platform as they’re a danger to the greater public good.
You wouldn’t want to give a terrorist or a racist a platform would you?

So, the psychological operations continue...

I’d like to make clear, do gross actions of politics and business not care about shitting on native groups, minority groups, tribals people’s and third world countries to get what they want, while also making those people desire moving out and into areas globalised?

Of course this happens and it’s a supremest mentality that’s been the driving force behind globalisation for many years and guided the progression of infrastructure aimed at destroying tribal communities and breaking down their environment.

That’s of course not what’s being discussed below but the exploitation of this, so because this is happening, we will accept political twisted rhetoric to justify the impositions of control that is being driven through climate change for global government agendas and incentives.


I’ll just put this here.

Incoming Biden Climate Team Blames 'Systemic Racism' for Climate Change


According to two incoming White House environmental aids “systemic racism” is a driver of climate change as progressives push to overhaul American industry and spending to promote their green agenda.


Not only is climate change systemically racist but so is COVID-19. 
“As the current COVID-19 crisis demonstrates, the interconnection between environmental and health risks has created crisis conditions for communities already battling toxic pollution that causes respiratory and other illnesses.”

“Unless intentionally interrupted, systemic racism will continue to be a major obstacle to creating a healthy planet. The only path forward is to design national climate policies that are centered on justice.”




That’s how WOKE.
While me making these statements alongside the comments above makes me antisemitic, a Nazi and a Holocaust Denier as there’s only ever been one in all of human history, which is way by that statement you know exactly the one I’m referring to 👌😇

We are seeing word games as political theatre 🎭 is being twisted via psychological games similar to how a war on Afghanistan was twisted into a war on Iraq by associations to a war on terrorism and how that was misleading presented to the public as though Iraq and Afghanistan somehow where both responsible in some way for 9/11. Don’t fall for more of the same psychological manipulation as that’s what this is quite clearly!




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