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I'm going by the name Crookshank although its not my given name. I have known about David Icke since the early 90s and I am half way through the book "The biggest Secret".  The thing is, I think he might be right about a lot of things.  I want to share an experience too.  When I was three (possibly younger) I was on holiday on the Isle of Arran in Scotland.  It was common for us to holiday there as we lived across the bay in a town called Saltcoats. Anyway, one summer I went on holiday with my Grandma and her husband who  wasn't my grandfather.  I must have been 2 or 3 years old so that's what makes what happened to me quite strange.  I must first point out that my Grandma now deceased was a member of the Eastern Star, and that my father and all his brothers were freemasons.  She is my mothers mother, not my fathers mother. I struggle to think about which freemason she may have been married to.  That is I don't know if he actually was one.  I couldn't imagine the freemasons admitting such a vile individual to their group but then, you never know. On this occasion I am told that I went missing for an entire day and night.  This is something I do not remember happening but the circumstances of it, after reading David Icke's book make me wonder what really happened.  You see I was found in a hole under the ground and I was repeating the name of my Grandma's husband over and over again.  They naturally assumed it was because he apparently found me in said hole, but I wonder if that was true now. Interestingly my mother who for years said that she was with me on this holiday, now says she wasn't there.  I remember that man used to burn me with cigarettes, at least I think it was him.  I remember it and yet I don't at the same time.  When I think of him I get a really bad bad feeling.  I also have never had a successful or happy relationship in my entire life and have been sort of unstable in my youth too. Somehow I also have a pathological fear of fire and naked flames although I can just about light a candle. I often wonder now what really happened that day.  Also, why was I allowed back with my family?  I wonder if I somehow escaped or what?  I suppose I will never really know.. unless one day I remember. 

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23 hours ago, Crookshank said:

I suppose I will never really know.. unless one day I remember. 


Welcome to the forum.

That sounds like a traumatic event.
lf you ever really wanted to try to get to the truth of the matter, would you ever considered regressive hypnotherapy ?

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