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O.S.C - The 51% Rule

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Votes by Numbers


In the 2019 election 13,966,454 people in the UK voted for Boris Johnson out of a (2019) population of 66,500,000. That is 21% of the Nation, 1 in 5, that's not even half of us and yet such a minority can vote in a Government that leads the majority of the UK's people. 20% of people have decided on a Government for the other 80%.


"This does not seem right".


It is obviously a problem. It is also obvious that 21% doesn't represent the 79%, what if voter turn out was even less, what if a party won with 10% of the Nations vote. Does 10% of the nation get to elect a Government that dictates to the other 90% of the nation.


To simply say that 'not voting is not a declaration that either party isn't wanted' is a fallacy. If the other 79% wanted this Government, they would have voted. Some of them did vote for other parties and the rest who didn't vote did so because they believe politics to be corrupt. They see their choice of candidates as being between liars and fools and they quite rightly see that it really makes little to no difference who gets voted into power as nothing really changes anyway. Can Politics be so unimportant to so many, does it mean so little as is the faith and trust our majority have that they don't even bother to vote.

Voting is one of the most powerful and Democratic choices a Citizen can make. Are we so jaded and disillusioned by Government and really by Politicians that the majority no longer care to vote and in doing so don't even care who the minority elects as their Government.


"This too seems very wrong".


Maybe we should, instead of always protesting, come together and try 'the proper channels'? Have we forgotten or been tricked out of remembering the power of the vote. Didn't people die for this right, how did we become so jaded and uncaring. How did we forget the power of the vote the sacrifices made. How did we loose love and interest in our Country?


Abraham Lincoln said, 'You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time'. As long as this holds true and the minority can decide for the majority then given some people will be fooled all of the time then manipulating a foolish minority to gain power over the majority shall remain their way of maintaining power.


Incompetence Votes Incompetence


Every four years people seem to forget the lies and absolute incompetence of these Politicians and again in ignorance and hope fall prey to the same rhetoric that fooled them or the other side only four or eight years previous.


A Judge will say 'this case is to be decided by a Jury of your piers'. My bloody piers, these bafoons this rabble, these unwashed and profane Godless masses, my bloody piers, how f**king dare you. I mean audacity to think these people who can't even judge their own best interests with an attention span of memory less than four years, may judge a legal case where professional highly educated barristers are speaking directly to them and they are expected to think for themselves, to divine truth from between the Barristers far more influential rhetoric than a politician could ever hope to muster and these same people are the voters.


'They're too stupid to vote for the rest of us and we too must be stupid to let them'.


These are those white middle class do-gooders who work for the man with white collars and vote as their BBC propaganda prescribes. Because lets face it, in a two horse race you know it doesn't really matter who wins and if it ever really did, then you know its no matter for them to secure a win. These Elites are flying their two faced flag upon the winds of our feudalism.


Take the Brexit vote in 2016. Out of the total (2016) UK population of 65,380,000 the total Brexit votes 33,577,342, that's half the popu and out of them 'leave' vs 'remain' was 17,410,742 to 16,141,241. So again a quarter of the population chose for the other 75% with half not voting and the other quarter voting to remain, either way the 25% minority would have decided for the 75% majority.


So What is the Answer?


Where is the mass vote if no confidence. Should voting be made easier. I don't see a single reason why voting online is any less safe than online banking. As with America's recent election it is obvious the vested interest politicians have in keeping the vote controlled. If everyone could vote from ab App on their phones, safely and digitally secured then I'm sure the majority would prevent either party being elected into Government with a majority vote of 'no confidence', thus giving a stinky middle finger to the establishment yet it hardly addresses the issue here.


The issue is of a party elected to Government by a majority population vote.




End of part one.

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I wish those that do vote, stop voting. I want to see voter turnout at the next election as close to zero per cent as is possible.


Though that would send a message to the world, it would not be allowed to officially stand - they would just make up voting figures, even claiming world record numbers just to take the piss.


Voting might alter how we get there but voting never changed the course set by the Elites. 


The horses continue to gallop.

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