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Alice Baily ...Suckered by the ET Alliance


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Alice Baily became a member of the Theosophical society in 1917 and rapidly rose through the ranks ..."Bailey's works, written between 1919 and 1949, describe a wide-ranging system of esoteric thought covering such topics as how spirituality relates to the Solar System, meditation, healing, spiritual psychology, the destiny of nations, and prescriptions for society in general. She described the majority of her work as having been telepathically dictated to her by a Master of Wisdom, initially referred to only as "the Tibetan" or by the initials "D.K.", later identified as Djwal Khul...." Wikipedia ...


In the following channeling she reveals that the "Spiritual Tibetan Master"  DK , from whom came most of her information , was in fact an evil Annunaki Psychic ..One of the same gang who control things on Earth using willing human helpers , the Cabal ...


It's the same old story ... The Annunaki saw her coming and targeted her for special attention , so she could not achieve the spiritual awakening f humanity , that was her mission to kick start ...




00:59:00 AB ...  " The last thing the extraterrestrial alliance wants is a one world religion , where everyone lines up behind particular ideas goals and beliefs , that would bring too much human consciousness to bear in one place . To fractionate religion has been very helpful to them in causing division and war "



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