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So plz tell me.. what happens when the illuminatis/satan/lucifer have all the people on their side , and all the money? And no population left to extract energy from? What happens where there is nothing left ..
Who are they going to go after , when no one is left? Their own kind? 
So the system is actually flawed, once there is no more destruction and pain to be done, well nothing is left , so then the illuminatis/satan/lucifer/evil will eventually destroy itself running out of energy that the people/ressources were feeding it..
As POTUS just simply walked away from joe biden at the 2020 election, knowing that the people prefered to be governed by him , donald trump just wrote to joe biden : 
You know i won joe. 
And walked away to find his own peace..
We just have to learn to live in peace with each other, so we can progress and thrive.
So all we can do is all arround us
to promote , life, happniess, joy and smiles. Because we have to preserve the earth its our only vessel.
View documents provided by the court of ages for
applicable laws
statements of responsibility
statements of clarity
arrests and detainment procedures
lawful cure(trial guidelines)
protection questions and answers
community sherrifs
marshials service

✌️ follow the natural law ✌️
January 22 2021
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