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Storming of US Capitol Hoax

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So someone sent me eye-witness account of what happened in Washington DC.


Below is all the details



I was in D.C. I am home and safe. I am still processing the events that took place, but I wanted to take a moment to set the record straight. First, let me just say this. The mainstream media lies. I repeat, the mainstream media is a lying, brainwashing propaganda machine. CNN, Fox, all of them.


US Capitol riots hoax – Alternative Thoughts (wordpress.com)

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The police/security opened the gates to the crowd. Once inside, they walked around like they were part of a tourist attraction.


Agent provocateurs were among the "protesters".


Actor with the animal head dress inspired by the Simpsons cartoon.


Despite advance warning of such a gathering being likely, fewer police/security were on duty.


Totally staged for ulterior motives.



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