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Gerald Clark's Work

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If you are interested in getting a bit of information about the Sumerian Tablets (as much as we were allowed to see before boy bush scooped up the library) I strongly suggest that you look into Gerald Clark's work.

He wrote two excellent books as well as created a plethora of videos on connecting the various gods of the world and what they are up to now.

I still have yet to find a distinct layout of who all the players were and what they did over the centuries. 

As Gerald stated, things are messy.


Gerald Clark passed on June 2020 from cancer.

If anyone is interested in deep discussions about Gerald's work I would be interested to hear from you 

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Hi! Im started learning about the Annunaki and ancient history in January, and now ended up with... a global conspiracy from another dimension!?


I've watched a lot of Clark's video content, also have the book "Nibiru, enslavement etc..." but haven't read it yet.


Sure, I'm up for a deep discussion about Gerald's stuff! I'm also curious as to how the roles are divided in the world's areas today.

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