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The Internet Draining Away Political Opposition

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Before the internet there was no outlet for complaints or disagreements about politics and so people were forced to run as local councillors or MPs or form new political parties.


But today if you have a problem with the world you switch on the internet and complain on Facebook with some other like minded complainers.


And then your energy is finished.


And nothing in the real world gets changed.


... can you see what this means ?

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Show Me Real Life and I'll Show You Real News

The news is blowing this CV rubbish up out of all proportion ... they need people to watch the news and you won't watch if nothing is happening.

So how should the news actually be ?

The news should record the interesting things happening in society ... 

But nothing is happening in society.

Society is cold, is dying ... there is no work, no culture, no inspiration.

There is no God and there is no Nature.

There is sterility.

And out of a sense of preservation ... of making something happen ... making anything happen ....


The sterility of our society is a major cause of this nonsense.




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before the internet you thought there were 2/3 different partys with different agendas.

after the internet you know they are all the same controlled by the same hidden hand


icke coming out before the internet its understandable how people reacted to him. like showing a lighter to a caveman.

but when the internet generation hear icke then used the internet which reinforces his views the light bulb clicks on


smartphones have created zombies but the internet has awakened those who seek it.

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Well ... the problem is if you have a society which tries to destroy everyone and everything ... where you find fault and generate conspiracies after conspiracies ... it ceases to have an meaning.

People have to be sober enough and kind enough for any society to exist otherwise it will die an everyone will die with it.

There will not be a glorious revolution of anarchism, that's not possible.

So ... whilst there are always bad things and we should be wary of them ... not everyone is bad ... and we do  need to see the good.

We can't just sit on the internet pretending that is a life ... and take everyone down as a passtime.

That will simply destroy everything and everyone will die.

We must try to have faith.

Each of us is imperfect and if all we experience in life is people hating us and taking us down ... an pointing out our flaws ... what happens to us?  We will give up, we will cease caring.

But if someone has faith in you ... it is different.

So, it's a difficult world ...

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