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Choosing Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

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Artificial Intelligence is the science, which is focused on making machines smart enough to concise human efforts and solve traditional problems. Moving further to Machine Learning, it is basically a sub-shell of AI, which offers various techniques and models to improve AI. In simple words, Machine Learning is a part, where we train machines to do a specific task automatically. Going deeper into Machine Learning, we get Deep Learning, in which the machine uses an Artificial Neural System (i.e., Combination of Artificial Neural Networks) and try to learn itself without any input command.

In deep learning, you will require a great amount of data along with high power CPUs and GPUs to process it at a rapid speed. So, whether you are choosing Machine Learning or Deep Learning, you will be working to enhance Artificial Intelligence. Now, if you have a lot of labeled data and high power GPUs and CPUs, you can easily go for Deep Learning otherwise, sticking up with Machine Learning will be a wise move.

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Let's be clear these are just machines programmed by man.  That's all.

They will replace human beings which will destroy the lives of human beings.

They will become like Ikea mass produced shit made out of glue and woodchips.

It's all nonsense.


Life should be about human developing intelligence.

Not souping up the toaster to a stupid degree ... and then calling the toaster "intelligent".


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23 minutes ago, rideforever said:

Let's be clear these are just machines programmed by man.  That's all.


Dead right !! ....AI is a misnomer ...They are using this 'AI'  label for self driving cars ... well there's no intelligence required in scanning the road ahead and reacting to what is seen ... facial recognition software  is not "intelligent" .... It seems the controllers are endowing computers with intelligence , so latter if there is a machine takeover , they can say "it wasn't us " ..the intelligent machines became autonomous...


Humanity doesn't need AI ..We need androids to do the washing up , make our beds , clean the house ... No intelligence required , Artificial Stupidity is all we need ... This is all possible now ,but the controllers won't give us this , because it will free humanity . 

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Black Sludge of Shite

True ... the "excitement" of people about this stuff shows that their own intelligence is dying as they become automatons of the cultures, these people no longer feel anything ... they exist as a slave to the shit on TV.  They are walking zombies programmed by the media ... who no longer experience their soul inside.

To experience your soul is just to be normal and simply and easily feel that you are alive intelligent and divine.  That's all.

But the noise of this black sludge of total shit is so deafening on this planet that people are dying.

They are becoming biological slaves ... souls completely trapped in a human that is totally under the control of the pyschotic media.


Technology For Dumbfucks

Let's break down AI very clearly with an example.

In "the old days" a computer would forecast the weather patterns based on theories of convection, or earth's rotation, of sea patterns and so on .. .these theories based upon carefully thinking about high earth functions .. ended up being programmed in the computer.

So what is AI?  AI is when the programmers notice that their forecasts are always 2C out ... their programmes if you calculate all the forecasts vs what actually happened .... the forecasts always seem to be 2C too high.  Right.   And so they add an additional bit of software to the computer that minuses 2C from every forecast.  

That's it.   That is AI.

It's for dumfucks.

Instead of looking at the models of circulation and looking again at how the earth functions ... these total losers have just tweaked the output a bit to make it look better.

In other words the models and the scientists involved are become stupider and so fucking stupid they don't even bother thinking about why their forecasts are no good ... they just minus 2C from the forecast.

That's "machine learning"  FFS ... these people are fucking idiots.


My neighbours had a four thousand pound modern fibre glass roof put down last year instead of a normal one.  Very experience.  Very very very very fucking high tech.


You know what it was ?

3 Albanian guys turned up and ripped the old roof off leaving the boards down and the had a large roll of mesh that they unrolled so it covered the roof it sort of sticks to the boards.   and then they got a bucket filled it with resin and a roller on the end of a long pole and rollered the mesh.

And that's it.   That is a fibre fucking glass high tech roof.

It is actually so idiotic that any 3 year old can do it.

And it costs twice as much.


This is the direction of these idiots.

Low fat Yogurt?   Laced with mountains of white sugar guaranteed to fuck you up.

To learn how shit people are ... is spirituality and has always been.

Witness Jesus in the synagogue saying to the self-congratulating people there :

"you live in poverty and you are the poverty".



Such shite games have been part of human life for a long time.


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Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a computer system’s ability to do tasks that normally require human intelligence. It is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems and these processes include learning, reasoning and self-correction.

Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence where the focus is on making computers learn from data and experience with minimal human intervention. It involves algorithms that allow the systems to automatically improve and become better with time.

Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning where artificial neural networks, algorithms inspired by the human brain, learn from large amounts of data.

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While AI may be able to learn over time, they cannot replace human goodness.

AI will be as good as human can programme it to do some tasks.

One university tried to study human movement and it to be replicated by AI using physics but it failed. Cannot beat human in some sense.

Never forget our brilliance.

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AI can be very creative. Consider the Go competition between Korean Lee Sedol (World Champion, 9th Dan) and Deep Mind's AlphaGo AI system.


AlphaGo beat Lee 4:1 out of 5 games. There was one particular move made by AlphaGo in the second match (move number 37) that completely blew the minds of all the experts watching as well as Lee himself and even the AlphaGo team.


If you have some time to spare watch this. It's a great documentary ...






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