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Natural extensions of first cause

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8 hours ago, Basket Case said:


Loads of sections with loads of threads. 

Information overload ? 

BC :0)


Yes deffinately.. so the natural law is a thing right ? And the questui que vie act is real?

So if humans are eternal , following the theory and information i found on the court of ages page , when we die we reincarnate.. do we get to choose to reincarnate? Or can we simply stay as energy form,is this how we awaken?

Following all that i have seen, this i think is making the most sense out of it all.. ghost per say , are in another dimension, human bodys are just a cocoon?


i think that POTUS couldnt kill the cabal, because in the end it wouldnt matter ,because they will reincarnate again as evil forms and the cycle is never ending.


so the only option for a great awakening would be that everybody , takes the big plunge , and commit suicide. Liberate our souls basically..if you have seen the picture depicting the elites , all sitting at a table, playing a board game on the back of the population, if we get up , their game is over... and getting up isnt hard we all know how to get up. And their game would be over, and we would be liberated from them.


the media has demonized cults and stuff for mass suicides labeling them as satanic or bad wich in fact i think , is because once you free your soul, they dont get to suck your energy anymore , per say, in labor form for their own profit.


aristotle had a theory that there was 4 dimensions , and i think he was right..


Until we get to the ultimate human form? Pure energy ?


we were told by the churche that suicide , was a crime against christianity, and we would be sent straight to hell for it. No?



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